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Get More Healthy in Fukuoka!

Fukuoka has many spas, sports gyms, yoga studios and other spots where you can exercise and keep fit. Spas in the Tenjin and Hakata area are always busy with many visitors. There are also bedrock spas where you can sweat and relax on warmed bedrocks. Bedrock bathing is said to be effective for diet and skin beauty, and has become quite popular among Japanese women. Hot-yoga studio is a place where you can practice yoga in a heated and steamed room. Some facilities are available to non-members. How about a little refreshment after sightseeing and shopping?

◆Photos by Bodies (11F IMS)
◆Photos by Minato Hot Spring Namiha no Yu(みなと温泉 波葉の湯)
◆Photos by Natural Hot Spring Taka no Yu (天然温泉鷹乃湯)

Minato Onsen, Namihanoyu

This is a natural hot spring spa, located within 5-10 minutes by car or bus either from Tenjin, the midtown of Fukuoka, JR Hakata Station or Nakasu area.

It adjoins Bayside Place Hakata, a commercial complex with cafe, restaurant and various leisure spots.

The spa is supplied with 400 litte...