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The Fukuoka City Official Visitors Guide YOKANAVI introduces accommodation, restaurants, sightseeing spots, transport and other facilities that allow tourists to enjoy Fukuoka safely and with peace of mind.

Fukuoka is waiting for you to welcome you!

As prevention measures against COVID-19, we ask for your kind cooperation in taking the basic control measures (e.g. hand-washing, physical distancing, wearing a mask, etc.).

Please read here if you are planning a trip to Japan.
International Travellers’ Checklist

General travel Information to Japan
The latest from Fukuoka
The new site “the Fukuoka Experience” open
Fukuoka Transport Information
COVID-19 Multilingual Hotline

General travel Information to Japan

“Border measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)” by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

COVID-19 control measures and emergency responses

Check out the latest travel information on Fukuoka!

It is the time to travel to Fukuoka.

Fukuoka has attractive sightseeing destinations such as the newly developed Fukuoka East & West Coast, where you can enjoy the sea and nature; the Hakata Old Town with its historic temples and shrines; art galleries and museums where you can appreciate culture and art; and Fukuoka Castle Remains.

Check out the latest feature articles as well.
Each facility is working to control the infectious diseases so that everyone can enjoy themselves safely and with peace of mind.

The new website “Fukuoka Experience” opened

Food is the best part of sightseeing in Fukuoka.
The site introduces restaurants and facilities that warmly welcome overseas visitors to Fukuoka with Fukuoka-style hospitality.

Fukuoka Transport Information

Information on Fukuoka’s transport system, including subways, buses and taxis, as well as the measures being taken to ensure the safety and peace of mind for visitors.
Please check the measures taken by each transportation system and enjoy your trip in Fukuoka in comfort.
Please wear a mask when using public transport.

When you think you might have been infected during your stay

Information to contact if you have any concerns related to COVID-19 or you have some symptoms during your stay.

Please check here for the latest COVID-19 information of Fukuoka City.

The brand new webpage and instagram “Fukuoka360” is now live! Here you will find info on Fukuoka’s trending spots, happening events and more! Please follow and share!

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