YokaNavi office recognizes the importance of personal information protection and considers the related activities as our basic task. We believe that we bear the social responsibility to sincerely implement the protection of personal information. Therefore, we set up the policy on personal information protection as follows and keep all personnel involved in the management of this website informed of this policy.

1. Proper Collection, Usage, Provision and Joint Use of Personal Information

  • 1) We will obtain the personal information only when consent is given by and the purpose of the usage is specified to the principal, except for the case where violation of the right and interest of the principal or any third party may occur. The obtained information is used in a fair manner, only for the specified purpose and within a reasonable range of the original purpose.
  • 2) The obtained personal information will never be provided to any third party without consent from the principal, except when an order is issued by law.
  • 3) In the case where the obtained information is provided to a third party, we will choose a party who retains an adequate level of protection of personal information, conclude an agreement to require the party to maintain the agreed level of protection, instruct and supervise the party in order for the information to be handled properly.

2. Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use, etc

YokaNavi office will swiftly respond to the request of disclosure, correction or suspension of use of the personal information we retain, within a reasonable range.

3. Security Management: Loss, Corruption, Falsification, Leakage and Illegal Access, etc

YokaNavi office will strictly control the personal information and take preventive measures for any possible danger including loss, corruption, leakage and illegal access. We will make a concrete rule for proper handling and utilization of personal information, and also post personnel in charge of managing personal information.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

All personnel involved in the management of the website will observe the law, guidelines and other regulations concerning personal information protection and the privacy of communications.

5. Continuous Improvement of the Personal Information Protection Policy and the Related Internal Regulations

YokaNavi office will continuously improve the personal information protection policy and the related internal regulations to achieve the effective implementation of the protection of personal information which is demanded by the society.

6. Scope

This Privacy Policy on handling of personal information applies to this website ( only. For the privacy policies of other social media and services available within this website, please refer to the websites or other information of each relevant operator.

7. Inquiry for the Management of Personal Information

We will respond to inquiries at the designated inquiry desk of YokaNavi office, within a reasonable range.

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