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How to Travel Better ― Planet-friendly Ways to Explore Fukuoka

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Sustainable tourism, a new style of travelling, is seen here in environmentally friendly hotels and CO2 emission-free transport.

*Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Tourism is travel styles that take into account the natural environment, local livelihoods, history and culture.

Beach cleanup

Straws made from rice

Planting experience

Hotel Great Morning

The Hotel Great Morning is working on ‘food loss prevention’ by composting leftovers to use for growing vegetables and herbs in the rooftop vegetable garden. In addition, the hotel uses 100% renewable energy for electricity and is working to save energy by adopting the F-CON air-conditioning system with no wind and external thermal insulation for the building.

Rooftop vegetable garden

Staying in the environmentally friendly hotel located in the city centre is convenient to go around and conducive to green innovation.

Hotel Great Morning
6-3 Tenya-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
(5-minute walk from Nakasu-kawabata or Gofuku-machi Subway Station)
TEL: 092-272-1414


The Futamigaura area on the Itoshima Peninsula is full of attractions such as beautiful seaside scenery, fantastic sunsets and fashionable cafés lining the streets.
While the area is bustling with activity, many visitors use cars, which can cause traffic congestion on weekends and consecutive holidays.

In order to solve the traffic problem and promote sightseeing around the area, Fukuoka City is renting out electrically assisted sports bicycles called ‘E-BIKE’.

It can travel up to 130 km on a three-hour charge, making it possible to circumnavigate the Itoshima Peninsula. With an assist function for speeds of up to 24 km/h, it can also make light work of climbing mountain roads. Why not enjoy the natural beauty of the Itoshima Peninsula by bike?

Fee: 3,300 yen/2 hours or 5,500 yen/one day
*Options available, including manned guides
Visit the website for booking and model routes.

★For more details on E-BIKE, visit Let’s ride an e-bike through Futamigaura!

Electric Tuk Tuk

The electric tuk tuk is an earth-friendly vehicle of the future that combines the fun of EVs and tuk tuk and emits no CO2. With the quiet cabin that only an EV can provide without the sound of an engine, both sides of the vehicle are open to allow passengers to feel a pleasant breeze.

You can rent this electric tuk tuk in Fukuoka City. They can also be rented on Nokonoshima Island. Please use it to visit sightseeing spots in the city centre or to feel the nature of the island.

Rental spots:
Ritoren Daimyo Office
Address: 2-2-26, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
TEL: 080-6261-1803

Ritoren Nokonoshima Office
Address: 457-16, Noko, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City
TEL: 092-881-2013

Electric Kickboard mobby

At Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, visitors can explore there on “mobby,” an environmentally friendly electric kickboard.

The park operates buses seasonally during the peak season, but they are also envisioning mobby as an alternative means of moving around.

This kind of “small” consideration for the environment is one of the important elements of sustainable tourism.

Address: 18-25 Oaza Saitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City
TEL: 092-603-1111

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