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Grand Setsubun Festival [Kushida Shrine] 2020
  • 2020.02.02 〜 2020.02.03
  • Hakata Area
  • Reservation not required

Grand Setsubun Festival will be held at Kushida Shrine which has been popular among the local peopl…

Setsubun Festival [Sumiyoshi Shrine] 2020
  • 2020.02.03
  • Hakata Area
  • Reservation not required

This is a primary shrine of about 2000 Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan. Sumiyoshi Shrine located in Haka…

Setsubun Festival [Tochoji Temple] 2020
  • Everyday
  • Hakata Area
  • Reservation not required

Once-a-year Setsubun Festival has been popular and loved among locals as “fuku-wa uchi, oni-wa soto…

Setsubun Yakuyoke Prayer Ceremony [Dazaifu Temmangu Shrine] 2020
  • 2020.01.25 〜 2020.02.03
  • Fukuoka City Neighborhoods
  • Reservation not required

At Dazaifu Temmangu Shrine, Setsubun Yakuyoke Prayer Festival will be held on the day of Setsubun, …

Hakata Mochi Pounding [“Hakata Machiya” Furusato-kan] 2020
  • 2020.01.26
  • Nakasu-Kawabata Area
  • Reservation not required

The annual Hakata Mochi Pounding!At “Hakata Machiya Furusato-kan” where the lives and cultures of H…

Ohori Park Winter Illumination [Ohori Park] 2019 - 2020
  • 2019.12.01 〜 2020.01.31
  • Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area
  • Reservation not required

One of Japan’s prominent water landscape parks, Ohori Park attracts widespread popularity as a plac…

teamLab: Light Festival in Fukuoka Castle Ruins 2019 – 2020 [Maizuru …
  • 2019.11.29 〜 2020.02.02
  • Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area
  • Reservation required(can be made on the day)

The night-time Maizuru Park and Fukuoka Castle Ruins that span about 20,000 square meters will be t…

Canal Panorama Illumination [Canal City Hakata] 2019
  • 2019.11.15 〜 2020.03.01
  • Hakata Area
  • Reservation not required

Illumination that fills your vision! Fountain shows and Aqua Panorama that are limited to the Chris…

Bayside Illumination – Port of Light [Bayside Place Hakata] Romantic …
  • 2019.12.01 〜 2020.03.15
  • Hakata Area
  • Reservation not required

“Bayside Illumination – Port of Light” jazzing up the winter-time bay area will be held!The bayside…

Illumination in Marizon 2019 – 2020 [Marizon] Enjoy the dreamy illum …
  • 2019.11.01 〜 2020.03.14
  • Momochi , Sawara Area
  • Reservation not required

Illumination in the city center resort, “Marizon”!The seaside resort, “Marizon” located near the ci…

Momochi☆Blue Light Illumination 2019 [Fukuoka Tower] New Christmas I …
  • 2019.11.15 〜 2020.02.14
  • Momochi , Sawara Area
  • Reservation not required

New Christmas illumination will be lit up at Fukuoka Tower! Trees of the surrounding areas will als…

Oyster Hut in Bayside [Bayside Place Hakata] 2019-2020
  • 2019.11.29 〜 2020.03.15
  • Hakata Area
  • Reservation not required

Within walking distance from Tenjin, Hakata! The oyster hut by the ocean is open this year again!“O…

Karatomari Ebisu Oyster Hut <Umizuri Marine Park>
  • November 2019 ~ mid-March (schedule) *Opening season varies depending on the production status.
  • West, Itoshima Area
  • Reservation not required

The oyster hut serving the proud brand oyster of Fukuoka, “Karatomari Ebisu Oyster Hut” is open thi…

Canal Aqua Panorama Vol. 10 “Evangelion Angels attack on Hakata” sta …
  • 2019.06.01 〜
  • Tenjin/Yakuin Area
  • Reservation not required

Only because of Canal Aqua Panorama × original story, you’ll be especially impressed!Canal City Hak…

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