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Shikanoshima Island – Enjoy cycling, spectacle views and seafood

The outer circumference of Shikanoshima is 12km, which takes only about 1 hour to go around by bicycle. Most of the course is flat and has cycle racks, air pumps, and repair tools dotted along the road. Not only are the advanced cyclists comfortable, but beginners can enjoy the course. Along the bike path beside the coast, you will see the beautiful scenery as you ride. Feel the ocean breezes and the excitement that you will not find in the city.

*Please make sure you take all the basic measures against infectious diseases; wash your hands, maintain social distancing and wear a face mask, etc.

Travel Guide at Shikanoshima Island Ferry Terminal

Scan the QR code on the guide map to check the time schedule of each public transportation option. Please cooperate with the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The first thing after getting off the ferry from Shikanoshima Ferry Terminal is to check the tourist information of the island. The “Shikanoshima-Uminonakamichi Travel Guide Map” is near the entry of the ferry terminal which introduces the popular tourist spots, cycling routes, cycle ends and toilets etc. You can find all the necessary information for cycling travel.

In addition, it is allowed to bring your own bicycles on the ferry(extra fee required). Also, there is a bike rental store “Shikashima-Cycle” at the entry of Shikaumi Shrine where you can rent the cross bike or mountain bike etc.

[Ferry Information]
▪Hakata Warf Terminal 1 (Bayside Place Hakata)
Address/13-6, Chikkohommachi, Hakata-ku Fukuoka City, 812-0021
▪Shikanoshima Ferry Terminal
Address/ 411-44, Shikanoshima, Higashi-ku Fukuoka City, 811-0323, Japan
Tel/092-291-1084(Hakata Traveler waiting room)
Time schedule/Fukuoka Municipal ferry service HP

【Rental Bicycle Information】▪Shikanoshima Cycle
Address/417-1, Shikashima, Higashi-ku Fukuoka-City , Fukuoka, 811-0323, Japan
Opening time/9am~18pm
Rgular holidays/Tuesday (open in March~May, July~Septempter)
Parking spaces/5
Related website/Shikanoshima Cycle HP

★Please find below for rental bicycle information of Uminonakamichi, Gannosu-Island City area↓
   Cycle Tourism Fukuoka HP

Bike rack (Shikaumi Shrine)

It’s convenient to use the bike rack while praying for a safe ride at the shrine.

Beside the “Shikanoshima Center-Shima no Sachi”, it’s the symbol of the island “Shikaumi Shrine.” Walking along the stone stairs and turning to the right, you can see the white signboard that says “Shikaumi Shrine.” There is a large free parking lot here, and the bike rack is located at the corner. The bike rack is set up beside the road so you can park easily after getting off the bike.

▪Bike rack (Shikaumi Shrine)
877, Shikanoshima, Higashi-ku Fukuoka City, 811-0323, Japan
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Bike Rack (Shiomi Park)

In front of the bike rack, an amazing view appears which can ease your mind.

Shiomi Park, at 170m in height, is the popular viewing spot on Shikanoshima Island. The view from the observatory is amazing. You will see a panoramic view of Hakata Bay, Umi no Nakamichi, and the center of Fukuoka city. The angle of this hill is steep until you reach the park. Please watch out for cars and take breaks while riding. The bike rack is installed at the top of the hill and a short walk from the rack will take you to the observatory.

▪Bike rack (Shiomi Park)
Address/Shiomi, Shikanoshima, Higashi-ku Fukuoka City, 811-0323, Japan

Bike rack(Katsuma Beach)

The view from the coast is amazing, where you can even see Genkaijima!

In the summer, many swimmers will visit this location, which is located to the north-west of Shikanoshima Island. The transparent, clear sea and greenery will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The bike rack is located near the beach in Kyukamura Shikanoshima, on the lawn field of the entry.

Bike rackKatsuma Beach
Address/Katsuma, Shikanoshima, Higashi-ku Fukuoka City, 811-0323, Japan

Travel guide map (Kyukamura Shikanoshima)

The tourist guide map is at the corner of the parking lot. As you walk across the road, you will see the Katsuma Beach is expanding.

The Kyukamura Shikanoshima is built in front of Katsuma Beach, where you can enjoy the open-air hot springs. The “Shikanoshima-Uminonakamichi Travel and cycling guide map” is displayed in the parking lot adjacent to the road. You can get information about the height difference between each cycling route, how far it is from here to Hakata, and the time it takes from here to Hakata.

▪Tourist guide map (Kyukamura Shikanoshima)
Address/ 1803-1, Katsuma, Higashi-ku Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, 811-0325, Japan


“Hiro Wakame”, grown in the rough waves of the Genkai Sea, is chewy and tasty.

When you get tired of cycling, take a break at “Shop Hiro.” The shop is located on the west side of Shikanoshima, near the Hiro fishing port. It used to be the purchasing department of the Hiro Fishing Port, and changed the type of business in 2000. The shop has seafood from Hiro Fishing Port, souvenirs, beverages, and daily necessities that are popular with locals and tourists.

“How are you?” “Where are you going today?” When you are shopping at the store, you can hear the casual talk between the customers and the staff. The store sells many kinds of seafood, like the root of the wakame seaweed, hijiki seaweed, and akamoku seaweed.

Their original product, “Hiro wakame seaweed,” is especially recommended. The “Hiro wakame seaweed” is boiled and salted with seawater and takes a whole week to make. Two types of Hiro wakame are available. One is thick and natural, the other one is soft and farm-raised. It is only sold from March to the beginning of autumn. Please note that it might be sold out at the end of summer depending on the amount.

Turban shells with a special sweet sauce on barbecue.

Also, you can eat the food you bought at the terrace seats of the store. It is perfect for having a break during cycling. Please enjoy the barbecue freshly made. The crunchy texture and great smell of these turban shells are wonderful. It is so delicious that you just want to eat one after one. The other recommendation is fresh raw turban shells which won’t be sold from the Bon festival to the beginning of October because it is prohibited to fish during the period. The turban shell rice is very good as well, which is only provided on weekends and holidays.

Address/ 1285-1, Hiro, Higashi-ku Fukuoka City , Fukuoka, 811-0324, Japan
Opening time/8:00~17:30
Rgular holidays/Tuesday
Parking spaces/10
・Hiro wakame seaweed 1,000yen
・turban shells barbecue one for 110 yen or 150 yen (depends on the size)
・fresh raw turban shells sashimi 600yen
    turban shells rice 350yen
※The above prices are the current prices (including tax) for July 2021. Please contact the shop directly for detailed prices.

Uenoichibe Shop

More than 10 different varieties are available daily, including caranginae, barracuda, crimson seabream, etc.

Located along with the approach to the Shikaumi Shrine, established in 1931, this shop specializes in dried fish and light salted fish. The owner, Ueno san, went to the Nagahama Market to buy fish every morning. He consulted with the middleman to get the best quality. He said, “Although it is a dried product, the freshness is still the most important thing.” All the products are made on the same day at the processing place on the island.

Mr. Ueno adjusts the amount of salt and salting time depends on the weather, the kind of fish. Since the company was established, the product has not been dried in the cold air by machine but under the sun, which brings out the best flavors. In this way, you can taste the original flavors directly from the dried and salted fish. In addition, you can cook it as meuniere or soup and it is fun to try different ways of cooking it. It is available for delivery. How about sending it as a present to your loved ones?

Uenoichibe Shop
Address/481, Shikashima, Higashi-ku Fukuoka City , Fukuoka, 811-0323, Japan
Opening time/11:00~17:00 ※Variable
Rgular holidays/Monday ※if Monday is a holiday, the shop will open as usual
Parking spaces/5

Shikanoshima Island Center, Shima-no-Sachi

Have a strawberry ice cream and take a break!

The processed seafood products are perfect for souvenirs.

This gift shop offers fresh seafood such as the sazae (turban shells) and wakame seaweed that Shikanoshima Island is famous for, as well as dried or processed fish products and other items. The shop is quite accessible, located just next to the Shikanoshima Island ferry landing and the Shikanoshima Island bus stop.

Equally popular as the processed seafood product is the Strawberry Ice Cream (vanilla, strawberry milk) made from a whole, locally brand “Amaou Strawberry.” Once you take a bite of the “Amaou Strawberry,” which is growing in great nature, later the fullness of vanilla ice cream and strawberry milk will appear. The sweet and sour flavor of the strawberry brings out the rich sweetness and flavor of ice cream. It can be eaten on the finger like a piece of jewelry, which is making it popular with ladies and children.

In addition to the abundant array of gifts, the warm hospitality of the energetic and friendly local staff at the shop is another attraction here. Be sure to ask them about the best way to eat the products or how to enjoy the island!

Shikanoshima Island Center Shima-no-Sachi
Address/411-3, Shikashima, Higashi-ku Fukuoka City , Fukuoka, 811-0323, Japan
Opening time/10:00~15:00
Regular holidays/irregular ※Closed in January only
Parking spaces/25
・Strawberry ice(vanilla, strawberry milk)each 350yen
※The above prices are the current prices (including tax) for July 2021. Please contact the shop directly for detailed prices.

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