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Things to Do in Fukuoka Castle and Korokan Area - [Experience]

Located in the heart of Fukuoka City, Maizuru Park is a popular resting spot for residents and is home to the ruins of Fukuoka Castle and Korokan, essential parts of Fukuoka’s history. Take a trip back in time visiting these two spots, which are quite rare in Japan as a national historic site is located within other one. The Fukuoka Castle and Korokan area continues to evolve as a location for sightseeing as well as new discoveries and experiences for people living in Fukuoka.

At Fukuoka Castle you can try on a kimono, a must experience attraction for any historical spot. You can also take photos by drone or ride a horse, both of which are rare experiences at this kind of place. Why not try these unique experiences as a memory of your visit? Also, don’t miss the new contents by VR technology to enjoy the castle and turrets, and a puzzle solving game using a smart phone application.

Kimono Experience
MY-YOU no Yakata at Sannomaru Square

Enjoy a stroll around Fukuoka Castle in kimono
MY-YOU no Yakata is located in Sannomaru Square, an information facility for the Fukuoka Castle and Korokan Ruins area. You can just come to the shop to rent a set of kimono, tabi (socks), bags and other accessories, and have them fitted at a reasonable price. They have a wide range of kimonos for all occasions and ages, including casual kimonos good for strolling, yukata, hakama, furisode, semi-formal kimono, bridal kimonos and those for the Shichigosan Children Festival.

Besides, there are ninja costumes for both adults and children, as well as kimono jackets to match your personal clothing. Well-designed brand kimonos are particularly popular with younger visitors. “The Fukuoka Castle and Korokan Ruins area is a perfect place to stroll wearing kimono. There are lots of great spots to enjoy taking photos in kimono,” says the shop manager Matsunaga. Early booking is recommended, particularly during the cherry blossom season.

❖MY-YOU no Yakata
Address: Sannomaru Square, 2-5 Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
TEL: 092-707-3191
Rental fee: 2,000 yen per hour, 3,500 yen per day, etc. *Additional 1,000 yen from 21 March to 7 April
Closed: Mondays, Obon and New Year holidays
Official web site: http://www.myyounoyakata.com/

Fukuoka Castle Samurai Riding

Feel like a samurai and see Fukuoka Castle from horseback!
Would you like to experience horse riding at Fukuoka Castle Remains? The ‘Samurai Riding’ is a good opportunity to enjoy horse riding in a casual manner, available mainly on Saturdays and Sundays.

The instructor Miyamoto with more than 50 years of experience in riding horses is the representative of Kokopelli Western Riding in Kuju, Oita. With other professional instructors from the same farm, even beginners can participate. “It is very rare to be able to ride a horse in the city centre, and even at the castle remains. If you take the longer time of ride, you can enter into the deeper area of the castle domain” says Miyamoto. It is also possible to ride a horse in kimono, which will be a unique experience you can only get at Fukuoka Castle Remains.

❖Fukuoka Castle Samurai Riding
Fee: 500 yen for photography, 1,500 yen for a 5-minute ride to 6,000 yen for a 30-minute ride, etc.
Dates: Saturdays and Sundays (closed in summer)
Meeting point: Fukuoka Castle Remains Visitor Center
Address: 1-4, Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Inquiries: 090-7398-0302 (Kokopelli Western Riding)

Fukuoka Castle Drone Photography

Take photos and a video with the backdrop of castle stone walls and cityscape
A service that provides visitors with drone photo and video taking at Fukuoka Castle’s small and middle keeps has been launched in summer 2021. You can capture your memorable moments of you with the castle stone walls and the panoramic cityscape. It is often used for wedding video and New Year’s greeting, but feel free to try as prices is reasonable at 3,300 yen per group (up to three persons).

A set with wearing kimono is available and there is a plan to offer a horse riding experience as well. “It is a rare opportunity to have photos or video taken by drone at such a place like this. Please come and try – you can enjoy the shots with the backdrop of seasonable landscapes” says staff.

❖Fukuoka Castle Drone Photography
Price: 3,300 yen per group (up to 3 persons, for 4 or more persons negotiable)
Booking: Online
Contact: 092-791-9299 lib Co.

Fukuoka Castle Official Stamp

Two “Castle Stamps” Now on Sale
Would you like to take home the Fukuoka Castle official stamp as a souvenir that many castle fans collect to commemorate their visit? Added to the version of Kuroda Nagamasa, the first lord of the Kuroda Clan, the limited-time version of Kuroda Kanbei has been now available all year around. It features the family crest designing wisteria, the ‘kabuto’ helmets of Kanbei and Nagamasa, and ‘kao’ stamps used by the warlords. Each costs 300 yen and is available at the Fukuoka Castle Remains Visitor Center and MY-YOU no Yakata in Sannomaru Square. At MY-YOU no Yakata, original mounts (1,200 yen) and clear files (100 yen) are also available.

Fukuoka Castle Remains Visitor Center
Address: 1-4, Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
TEL: 092-732-4801
Official web site: https://fukuokajyo.com/facility/mukashi-tanboukan/

MY-YOU no Yakata
Address: Sannomaru Square, 2-5 Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
TEL: 092-707-3191
Official web site: http://www.myyounoyakata.com/

Time Travel and Mystery of Fukuoka Castle

Enjoy the riddle game touring the Fukuoka Castle Remains
Time Travel and Mystery of Fukuoka Castle featuring the mascot Fukuoka Kanbei-kun has started in November 2021. This is a puzzle solving game that parents and children can play and learn together. You can enjoy solving riddles using the LINE application on your smartphone while strolling around the Fukuoka Castle Remains. Starting from Fukuoka Castle Remains Visitor Center, you will learn the history of the Castle and solve the riddles at several locations such as Korokan Ruins Museum and the Castle Keep Base. Tell your answer at the goal, Sannomaru Square, and if it is correct, you will get an original treasure card related to Fukuoka Castle.

As the Visitor Center staff Inui who plans and manages events says “You can easily participate on your own just using a smartphone, so you can enjoy the game while avoiding close contact. It can be done on separate days, so why not take your time and solve the riddles?”

❖ Time Travel and Mystery of Fukuoka Castle
Reception: Fukuoka Castle Remains Visitor Center
Address: 1-4, Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
TEL: 092-732-4801
Fee: 500 yen (per account)
Official web site: https://fukuokajyo.com/

Things to Do in Fukuoka Castle and Korokan Area – [Places to Visit] 
Things to Do in Fukuoka Castle and Korokan Area – [Learning]

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