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As dusk falls, over 100 food stalls donned with colorful drapes open for business around the city. Many offer ramen of course, but you can enjoy plenty of original offerings too, from oden winter soup to gyoza dumplings, yakitori grilled chicken skewers and tempura. You will undoubtedly become a Fukuoka fan if you find yourself dining with warm Hakata people at a yatai.

The definitive edition of "Useable" stall guide! It is an official stall guide by Fukuoka City full of useful information, including a stall map in Fukuoka city.

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There are 99 stalls in Fukuoka (as of April 1, 2021: Economy, Tourism & Culture Bureau, Fukuoka City Government survey)
*The above map does not describe "stalls open today". Each stall has its own set holidays, and the stall may be closed on a given day for reasons of weather, health of the owner, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

How to enjoy a yatai

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Food stalls open from 6pm. A stall may not open if the weather is stormy, or if the owner is unwell. Due to the limited seating, you will need to share. Beware of arriving in too large a group or lingering too long. If you read this, you will be fine as a first-time customer. Make a quick check of the rules and manners stated by the stall before you go. Here are 10 tips for making the most of your time at a yatai.

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