Fukuoka is renowned as a city of delicious cuisine and is also full of popular sightseeing spots. Anyone who visits the Fukuoka’s diverse sights, from its historic temples and shrines to its fashionable shopping areas and year-round natural scenery, will notice the city’s fresh appeal. From well-known sites to places off the beaten track, YokaNavi can recommend a course for you.

3-5 Hours Course
Shikanoshima Area

Shikanoshima Island, actually connected to Hakata by land bridge, enjoys great accessibility includ…

3-5 Hours Course
Nokonoshima Area

In order to get to Nokonoshima Island, first take the Nishitetsu Bus to the Passenger Terminal from…

2-3 Hours Course
The Gokusho Area

The Gokusho Area, just ten minutes’ walk from Hakata Station, has taken on the local name of “Teram…

2-3 Hours Course
Hakata Station Area

The Hakata Station area includes the extensive Hakata Station and rows of modern office buildings. …

2-3 Hours Course
Tenjin Area

Tenjin is the number one downtown area in Kyushu. Buildings housing stores of fashionable brands li…

2-3 Hours Course
Nakasu-Kawabata Area

This area gives off a sense of Fukuoka’s history as a point of origin for culture and information, …

2-3 Hours Course
Ohori Park Area

In the Ohori Park area, you will be able to enjoy history, culture, the arts, and places for relaxa…

2-3 Hours Course
Seaside Momochi Area

The Seaside Area on the west side of Fukuoka includes the Fukuoka Tower, the Fukuoka City Museum, a…

3-5 Hours Course
Dazaifu Area

It is a course that you can enjoy shopping at downtown of Fukuoka “Tenjin” and make your way to Daz…

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