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You can find many delicious foods in Fukuoka, such as ramen, yakitori, motsunabe(offal)hotpot and so on. There are many restaurants serving these dishes and the tastes are different from restaurant to restaurant. You may have a great chance to find your favorite taste just dropping by one of the restaurants.

The Famous 
Fukuoka Yatai

The Famous 
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Once You Enter the Noren Curtain You are in the Food Paradise. Enjoy Yatai Stalls!

There are approximately 100 food stalls all over the town at night. Not only Ramen noodles but they also serve hotpot, dumplings, Yakitoris, Tempura and other original menus. Yatai is the place where you can meet local people and feel the local atmosphere.

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They are closed in bad weather, so please check the weather before you visit. Also, most yatais don’t have bathrooms.

Hakata Ramen

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Soul Food of Hakata

Hakata Ramen is widely known as the specialty of Fukuoka. It features a richly flavored white pork bone soup and thin noodles. It is common to order a noodle refill(kaedama)in Hakata to enjoy the leftover soup. Ramen is the perfect dish after drinking.

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Only in Fukuoka, you can choose the degrees of noodle softness from "Yawa(soft)”, "Kata(hard)”, "Barikata(very hard)” and "Harigane(super hard)”. Try ordering "Harigane(super hard)” like local people might give you some good topic you can brag about.

Seafood Dishes

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Eat Up the Genkai Sea, a Seafood Paradise!

Seafood in Fukuoka is all fresh and cheap as the town is facing the sea! You can try many types of seafood and fish and compare the taste! There are many sushi restaurant serving fatty fresh seafood and Izakaya where you can enjoy gomasaba(mackerel seasoned with soy sauce and sesame), one of the specialties of Fukuoka!

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Did you know that fish auctions in Fukuoka start at the earliest in the morning in Japan? There are restaurants where you can enjoy seafood rice bowl in the morning and the facilities where you can learn about fish. [Fukuoka City Central Fish Market / Sengyo Shijo Kaikan]



Over 100 Years of Profound Flavor!

This typical Fukuoka local cuisine is over 100 years old. This hot pot(nabe)involves a painstakingly prepared broth extracted from chicken. The chicken's flavor blends into the lightly seasoned soup, which is a delicious treat on its own. Mizutaki is found on Fukuoka dinner tables all year round, not just in winter.

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The standard way of enjoying this dish: Approach the first mouthful by adding a pinch of salt to the soup and taking time to savor the chicken. Next, catch the chicken and cabbage between your chopsticks. Lastly, add rice and enjoy as a porridge.

Motsu Nabe

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A local specialty that is a regular favorite

Motsu Nabe is a favorite local hot pot dish that is popular for its rich flavor. It is not just for cold days. In fact, the real pleasure of this famous dish is eating it while sweating on a hot summer's day. Because it has a lot of vegetables in it, motsu nabe is loved for its healthiness and reasonable cost in addition to its flavor, and at one time even sparked a culinary craze all over Japan.

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The roots of motsu nabe can be traced back to the soy sauce-flavored entrails and leeks that were boiled in aluminum pots after the end of World War Two. It is said that the dish was first made by coal miners.

Hakata Udon

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Hakata is the Birthplace of Udon Noodles!?

Jotenji is a temple in Hakata Ward, which was founded by Shoichi Kokushi(a monk of the Rinzai school)in 1242. It is known as the birthplace of Udon and Soba noodles and you can find a stone monument in the premises. It has been said that the monk brought back the technique for milling flour from the continent and introduced the culture of powdered food all over Japan.

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Fukuoka locals always order Kashiwa rice balls along with Udon noodles with deep-fried burdock or deep-fried fish cake topping!
※Kashiwa refers to chicken in Fukuoka.



Yakitori(Grilled Chicken)Isn’t Only Chicken!?

Yakitori restaurants in Fukuoka have unique features. They serve cabbage with special sauce before you order, and items other than chicken such as beef, pork and seafood. You might be surprised if you see the showcase of ingredients at a restaurant.

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You can eat cabbage as much as you want for free at most places! Cabbage with Yakitori is originated in Fukuoka.

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