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If you love local sake then you absolutely have to go! Fukuoka’s sak …
  • Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri・Sat・National holiday
  • Tenjin Area

Drink and compare : Fukuoka’s brands of sake!A must-do experience for sake loving people! At SUiTO…

Fukuoka Walking Tour
  • Everyday
  • Hakata Area

This trip will be a unique experience for you. Hakata is one of the oldest cities in Japan and toda…

Sushi workshop experience
  • Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri・Sat・National holiday
  • Tenjin Area

Everyone knows that food tastes better when you cook it yourself. It is also true, of course, for s…

Kimono dress-up experience + Rental course
  • Everyday
  • Tenjin Area

If you would like to enjoy traveling Fukuoka in a kimono, please come and try our “Quick kimono dre…

Kimono Dress-up experience
  • Everyday
  • Tenjin Area

Why don’t you experience a “Quick kimono dress-up”? We use kimonos of the brand “WASOMI”: beautiful…

Fukuoka’s Mentaiko tasting experience.(Seasoned cod roe)
  • Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri・Sat・National holiday
  • Tenjin Area

Find out which brand of Mentaiko you like best! Mentaiko tasting experience.One of the most popular…

  • Tue・Fri
  • Hakata Area

Fukuoka City, the biggest commercial city populating 1,500,000 residents and located in the norther…

【Cultural experience】Furoshiki Wrapping
  • Everyday
  • Tenjin Area

This experience is part of a 30 minutes / 500 yen Japanese cultural experience program. Furoshiki i…

【Cultural experience】Old-fashioned Japanese games
  • Everyday
  • Tenjin Area

This experience is part of our 30 minutes / 500 yen Japanese Cultural Experience program. Fukuwarai…

【Cultural experience】Origami
  • Everyday
  • Tenjin Area

This experience is part of our 30 minutes/500yen Cultural Experience program. Interested in Origami…

【Cultural experience】Calligraphy
  • Everyday
  • Tenjin Area

This is a 30 minutes 500 yen Cultural Experience Program. If you want to learn to write your own na…

Try decorating Hakata dolls
  • Everyday
  • Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Try Your Hand at Making Traditional Japanese Folk Craft Hands-on Program of Hakata Doll Painting …

Visit Hakata-ori (Textile) factory
  • Everyday
  • West, Itoshima Area

You take a look at valuable historical materials relating to Hakata-ori textile, one of FukuokaR…

Fun Writing Hakata-ben in hiragana by fude-pen!
  • Everyday
  • Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Junko Kobayashi — a Hakata-born FUKU (means good fortune) calligrapher — also, a master…

Enjoy a stroll around the town in a kimono.
  • Everyday
  • Tenjin Area

Kimono will make you look like a dierent person! Men are welcome too! Enjoy a stroll around the to…

Delivery service of KIMONO experience
  • Everyday

You can wear Kimono, in free time after you finish sightseeing and return to your hotel. You don’t …

Fukuoka Castle Ruins Walk
  • Everyday
  • Ohori Area

Fukuoka Castle is one of the largest castles in Kyushu. The castle was made by masters of building …

Fukuoka Bike Tour
  • Tue・Thu・Sat・National holiday
  • Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Let’s enjoy a cycling tour with an English tour guide in Fukuoka city.We ride on our bike to histor…

Hakata Kimono dress up and walking
  • Mon・Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri
  • Nakasu-Kawabata Area

This quintessential Japanese experience is for women only. We offer 3 hours dress-up experience. In…

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