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The new scenery of Hakata ”Ishimura Manseido” Main store reopened

Loved by the local people, Ishimura Manseido main store celebrated its 115 anniversary and reopened after renovation in July. The place turned into a nine-floor building, and the new main store has reopened on the first floor. The original signboard passed on to the new store like the heartwarming hospitality never changed.

You will see the bright space after walking through the entrance curtain drawn with cute illustrations. This illustration was drawn by Sengai, who is familiar with the nickname “Sengai san of Hakata.” It represents the pure personality of Hakata residents and also serves as the symbol of the new main store. The store staff give it a nickname, ” Puri Chan.”

The door where “Puri chan” stands is from the old main store.

It can see clearly the finish line of Hakata Gion Festival in the store.

The Climax of Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival “Oiyamakasa” goal “Mawaritome” located at Ishimura Manseido Main Store. The arrival time is counted here on July 15th every year. It is always crowded at this famous street corner in Susaki during the festival. 

The timing place of the Yamakasa finale is on the second floor.

In addition, here were displayed wagashi wooden moulds, promotion posters used in the old days, and an explanation of confectioneries. Through the dessert, Ishimura Manseido will take over the traditional culture of Hakata and expand its brand new charms.

Ishimura Manseido has been making the special fluffy texture of marshmallow more than 100 years, including the famous sweet “Tsuru no ko.” The new product, “Tsuri no ko no ko,” has been released along with the main store’s reopening. It is made in the store and is only available here.

Because it is freshly made at the store, the fluffy and jiggly texture with the gentle sweetness of the vanilla ice cream and custard inside will make you addicted to it. Please come and give it a try.

Also, there is a set with Hakata cold tea from Mitsuyasuseikaen tea shop. Please enjoy the dessert with the delicious green tea. The tea products of Mitsuyasuseikaen are registered as “Hakata Old Town Selection”. Please check here for more souvenirs of “Hakata Old Town Selection.”

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