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"FaN Week" -- 18 days of encountering art and becoming an art fan!

Fukuoka City is promoting “Fukuoka Art Next (FaN)”, which aims to increase opportunities for people to come into contact with art in their daily lives and to support the growth of artists, with the aim of creating a city coloured with art.

“FaN Week” will be held for 18 days from 23 Sep (Fri, holiday) to 10 Oct (Mon, holiday) 2022, painting the city full of art.

Starting with the opening ceremony at the approach to the Fukuoka Art Museum on 23 September, this is a week of encountering art as you stroll, from the Fukuoka Art Museum and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum to the temples in the Hakata Old Town and construction site walls in the city.

We hope that everyone will enjoy art touring around the city during this FaN Week.

FaN Week Major Events

Opening Event (Fukuoka Art Museum)

The Fukuoka Art Museum, one of the event venues, will host a variety of events to mark the opening of FaN Week from 23 (Fri) to 25 (Sun) September. In addition to talk sessions with guests such as Mayor Takashima and model/artist Mariya Nishiuchi, live painting by the 2022 Fukuoka Wall Art Project Award winner Ginsoda will be held. An art marché will also be held to display and sell various artworks.

FaN Week Opening Events
Dates: 23-25 September 2022
Venue: Fukuoka Art Museum
Detailed information in Japanese available at:

■’Collectors: Four Living with Art’ Exhibition (Fukuoka Art Museum)

香月 美菜 《0:24:55》

As an opportunity for the public at large to appreciate and enjoy art during FaN Week, works owned by four collectors (Kazuma Ieiri, Jiro Enomoto, Osamu Ogasawara and Masatoshi Kumagai) are presented along with the collectors’ thoughts in the Collection Galleries Modern and Contemporary Art Room B.

Collectors: Four Living with Art Exhibition
Dates: 23 September – 10 October 2022
Venue: Fukuoka Art Museum
Detailed information in Japanese available at:

■Exhibit of Shahzia Sikander, Laureate of the 32nd Fukuoka Prize (Arts and Culture Award) at FAAM, etc.

《SpiNN》2003年 アニメーション(6分30秒) 福岡アジア美術館所蔵

During FaN Week, an exhibit of works by Shahzia Sikander, winner of this year’s Fukuoka Prize (Arts and Culture Prize), will be held in the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, etc.

Shahzia Sikander Special Exhibit
Dates: 23 September – 27 November 2022
Venues: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and Artist Cafe Fukuoka
Detailed information in Japanese available at:

■Outdoor Art Installation and Light-up (Hakata Old Town)

Art exhibits and lighting up of temples and shrines will be held in the Hakata Old Town, which flourished as Japan’s largest trading port city in the Middle Ages and still preserves its history and culture.

Visitors can enjoy the night atmosphere of beautifully illuminated temples and shrines along with artworks displayed outdoors. In addition, Reisen Park will host a marché with stage events, art exhibits and sales, food and drink, and more.

Outdoor Art and Light-up (Hakata Old Town)
Dates: 30 September – 3 October 2022, 17:30-21:00 (Kushida Shrine 22:00)
Art Installation at Kushida Shrine, Ryuguji Temple and Reisen Park, until 10 October 2022

Dates: 30 September – 3 October 2022, 17:00-22 :00 (1 & 2 October 12 :00-22 :00)
Detailed information in Japanese available at:

 Emotional Asia — Daisuke Miyatsu Collection x Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Hakata Old Town, etc.)


“Emotional Asia” is a special exhibition combining contemporary Asian art collected by Daisuke Miyatsu since the 1990s and the collection of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

The exhibition introduces 95 works by 45 artists, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and videos, under four themes that are deeply relevant to us, such as Asian history, contemporary society, and gender.

□ Satellite Venue 1
Giant balloons by Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa and a colourful rickshaw from Bangladesh will be on display at Fukuoka Boat Race.
□ Satellite Venue 2
A video installation by up-and-coming Singaporean artist Hilmi Johandi will be exhibited during this special exhibition period at a hermitage designated as a tangible cultural property of Genjuan Temple in the Hakata Old Town.
□ Satellite Venue 3
A video work showing the diverse societies and Asian cultures will be exhibited at the Little Asia Market in Yoshizuka, a town where people are working to create a symbiotic location specialising in Asia.

Emotional Asia — Daisuke Miyatsu Collection x Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Dates: 15 September – 25 December 2022
Venues: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka Boat Race, Genjuan Temple, and Yoshizuka Little Asia Market
Detailed information in Japanese available at:

 ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2022 (Waterfront Area)

Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2022 will be held at the Fukuoka International Congress Center and Hotel Okura Fukuoka for four days from 30 September. The AFAF has been held since 2015 and is the only art fair in the Kyushu region.

A total of 75 galleries from Japan and abroad will exhibit a variety of artworks at both venues.

Dates: 30 September – 3 October 2022
Venues: Fukuoka International Congress Center and Hotel Okura Fukuoka
Detailed information in Japanese available at:

Fukuoka Wall Art Project (Tenjin/Hakata)

The Fukuoka Wall Art Project aims to provide artists in the field of fine arts with opportunities to use temporary enclosures at construction sites to present, exhibit and sell their work in the city, thereby encouraging them to become even more active and creating a vibrancy in the city through art.

During FaN Week, the award-winning works of the project competition will be displayed on temporary fences at construction sites on 23 September.

■FaN Week coordinated events

During FaN Week, a variety of collaborative events will be held in the city.
During the Higashi Ward Art and Culture Festival, an exhibit of works, workshops and installations by Fukuoka-born artist Ginsoda can be enjoyed at the Namiki Square.

Also, at the wine bar Au Bord d’Eau Fukuoka, you can enjoy wine together with artworks by Hakataeshi Oszal. Other art-related events organised by the private sector are also planned. You can enjoy a digital stamp rally by visiting the events, shops and restaurant. Get special offers and novelty gifts.

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