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Yusentei Park

Originally built as a second home for Kuroda Tsugutaka, the 6th lord of Fukuoka in 1754, it was the first Japanese Garden in Fukuoka to be centered on a lake.
In March of 1998, the park was designated by Fukuoka of having significant value. The historical park is still appreciated by many people who enjoy the true beauty of Japan.
The place was named after a poem by Kuze Michinatsu, which appreciates the coolness of the spring water in the summer and the cloistered life at the house.
Around the beginning of the Showa Period the main building was built with large rooms and the Jyosuian and Shozanan tea rooms where you can enjoy their Matcha Tea Set in the garden (300yen for green tea with cake).

Address 1-46, Yusentei, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka
Access By Bus: From Tenjin or Hakata, take the No.12 Nishitetsu Bus and get off at Yusentei stop. 5 minute walk.
If from Hakata, take No.13, 16, 96, or 113 Nishitetsu Bus and get off at Yusen Chugakko-mae stop. 10 minute walk.
By Subway: Take the Nanakuma Line and get off at Ropponmatsu Station. 25 minute walk
By Car: Coming from Tenjin, take the Keyaki Avenue through Ropponmatsu. At the Befu-Bashi (Befu Bridge) intersection, turn left. Drive along the Hii River for 1km and the park will be on the left, 100m past the Daiei Sasaoka Branch.
TEL 092-711-0415
Fares Admission -Adults: 200 yen -Kids (Junior high school students and under): 100 yen, -Kids under the 1st grade of elementary school: Free -The disabled and the caretakers: Free -Seniors (Fukuoka residents over 65): Free -Groups Adults: 160 yen -Groups Children: 80 yen *Group discounts apply to groups of 30 or more. *Adults are anyone 15 years old or older and children are younger than 15 years old. Junior high school or elementary school students are considered children. *Children not yet in primary school are free. Fukuoka City, Kitakyushu City, Kagoshima City, and Kumamoto City residents over 65 and the disabled and their care takers are free. (Bring your Silver, Medical, Physically Disabled, or Mentally Disabled passbook) Parking (per vehicle once a day): Regular Sized Cars 300 yen (20 parking spots available) Medium Sized Cars 1000 yen Large Vehicles 2000 yen *If driving a medium or large vehicle, please contact us beforehand.
Closing Days Mondays (If Monday is a national holiday, the next day will be a substitute holiday) and New Years (Dec 29th-Jan 1st) *If Jan 2nd/3rd or May 3rd/4th are Mondays, the park will nonetheless be open.
Open Hours 9:00-17:00
MAP CODE 13225133*08

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