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Nishijin Genkoborui Bulwark Ruins

The bulwark ruin of Nishijin & Momochi area was originally the center of 20 kilometers of bulwa…

Momochi , Sawara Area

Imazu Genkoborui Bulwalk Ruins

This Bulwark was built by the Kamakura Shogunate government for preparation against invasions of Mo…

West, Itoshima Area

Imajuku Genkoborui Bulwark Ruins

The bulwark against Mongolian invasion was built with a financial support from the lord of Buzen pr…

West, Itoshima Area

Iki-no-Matsubara Genkoborui Bulwark Ruins

This is the ruins of the bulwark built in 1276 to prepare against Mongolian invasion. It stretches …

West, Itoshima Area

Mushirouchi Nanohana no Michi

In a canola flower field spread across the Mushirouchi district of Koga city, the Nanohana Festival…

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

Fukuoka Masjid Al Nour Islamic Center

When you visit Fukuoka, be sure to drop by the Fukuoka Masjid Al Nour Islamic Center. They will be …

East Area

Kirin Beer Park Factory

You can learn about beer making process in details and try tasting beer at this facility. Kirin Bee…

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

Busoji Temple

This temple is believed to be the oldest temple in Kyushu which was built in the 6th century. On th…

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

The Kyushu University Museum

This is a museum attached to Kyushu University, one of prestige national universities having over 1…

East Area


One of only 8 hotels in Japan, that is a recognized member of the “Small Luxury of the World.” Th…

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Genjuuan Temple

Built in 1336, Genjuuan was opened by Muin Genkai. The temple was formerly located in Maidashi Vill…

Hakata Area

Zendoji Temple

According to legend, Zendoji was built in 1212 by Chinzei Shoko Shonin, the second patriarch of the…

Hakata Area

Birthplace of Otojiro Kawakami

Born in a merchant family  in the year of the Meiji Restoration (1864), Otojiro engaged in satire t…

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Minamimarutamon (watchtower) of Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Fukuoka castle was a home castle of Kuroda clan for 270 years under the reigns of 12 lords. This is…

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

Tenjin Nishi Kosaten Hiroba

You can see the artworks by the designer Matsunaga Makoto here on a street corner in West Tenjin. T…

Tenjin/Yakuin Area

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