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Travel to “Hakata Old Town” which has an atmosphere of historic romance!

Travel to “Hakata Old Town” which has an atmosphere of historic romance!

If you are seeking a historical romance while visiting Fukuoka City’s Manyou Kahi, why not visit Hakata Old Town which is brimming with an ancient feel?

The Old Town prospered as Japan’s largest trading port city in the Middle Ages. With the inclusion of the Shofukuji Temple which is an important cultural asset of the country, there is the Tochoji Temple and the Kushida Shrine etc. along with many temples and shrines; these represent Hakata and Fukuoka and are gaining popularity as tourist attractions.

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“I would like to aim the viewfinder spontaneously! Photogenic course”

◆ Gourmet spots which you would want to pay a visit to “Reiwa Kamaboko (boiled fish cakes) from the “Main Store in Saimon Kamaboko”

Reiwa Kamaboko

If you would like to fill your stomach before or after a stroll, head to the long-established kamaboko store which was founded in Taisho 2 (1926). As it was located at the west gate of the Shofukuji Temple, it was named “Saimon Kamaboko”. It has Hakata’s traditional fried kamaboko and in addition to kamaboko for festive occasions, the original kamaboko with messages and patterns has been a popular item on the menu.

The “Reiwa” kamaboko was reinvented as a new version of the original kamaboko after the change of era! Named after a “plum blossom party”, it is a lovely dish in which the letters “Reiwa” are included in a pink kamaboko shaped like a plum blossom.

One piece for 432 yen. The main ingredient is the most suitable fish (golden threadfin breamfish) for kamaboko which is caught in the East China Sea. Water is then added to barley water, and the craftsmen handmake it piece by piece according to traditional methods.

Saimon Kamaboko Main Store
5-172 Kamigure-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Business hours: 09:30am to 06:30pm/Closed: every Tuesday & second Sunday

Reminisce about the travels of Tabito, and enjoy the finale of the trip in Hakata!

By the way, did you know that Omoto-no-tabito (Japanese poet) loved drinking? 

“If I were not a person, I would have become a sake jar, and be soaked in the sake.” (Scroll 3.343)
~ I would rather become a sake jar and soak in sake rather than being half-hearted. ~

“A fun way to enjoy this world is to be drunk and crying.” (Scroll 3.347)
~ There are many kinds of fun in the world, but nothing is better than drinking and crying. ~

As such, Tabito composed several songs in the Manyoshu (classical Japanese poetry) that seem to sing the praises of sake. “Am I really a drinker, I was in Dazaifu a distance from Kyoto, I’m not sure if I lamented about my situation while being soaked in sake”. In any case, in addition to the songs and the Manyoshu of Omoto-no-tabito who created “Reiwa”, do enjoy the local gourmet and sake at Hakata’s entertainment districts and street stalls! How about enjoying Fukuoka on your last day?

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