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[Notice : Some of the events will be canceled] Yanagawa Hina Doll Festival Sagemon-meguri Tour [Yanagawa City] 2020 - Wishes Passing Down for Generations -

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

Notice : Some of the events will be canceled to prevent spreading of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

In Yanagawa region, a girl’s first Hina Doll Festival is an important occasion. The colorful Sagemon hanging decorations are displayed together with the Hina doll stand and a big celebration is held to pray for the child’s health.

Sagemon hanging decorations are combinations of crawling babies and auspicious creatures made of cloth, such as cranes, rabbits, and chicks, as well as Yanagawa balls rolled up with brilliant thread, made by the hands of mothers, grandmothers and relatives wishing for the girl’s happiness and health.

The beginning of Sagemon-meguri tour is when Sagemon decorations were hung in tourist facilities and shops along with Hina dolls to present the colorful and friendly Yanagawa Hina Doll Festival for the public.

During the festival, Sagemon decorations can be seen at various places in the city, other events such as “Beginning Event of Hina Festival”, “Yanagawa Kimono Day”, “Hina Doll Festival Water Parade” and so forth are also held.

Please come to Yanagawa to soothe your soul and body.

★Events of Yanagawa Hina Doll Festival “Sagemon-meguri Tour” in 2020

Yanagawa’s unique hanging decorations, Sagemon is a symbol of prayers and wishes. Children are in their finest and most fascinating clothes, boarding on boats going down the stream. Being mirrored on the water surface, Sagemon decorations are so beautiful in the riverside Yanagawa city.

◆Heart-pounding Hina Lighting and Giant Sagemon

The delicate and dim lights of Sagemon paint the Yanagawa shopping street, and the giant Sagemon decorations are displayed at Yanagawa Yokamon-kan.
[Period] February 11 (Tue/Holiday) – April 3 (Fri), 2020
[Venue] Yanagawa Shopping Street, Yanagawa Yokamon-kan

◆ [Canceled] Boat Service for Hina Doll Tour

[Period] March 7 (Sat), 8 (Sun), 14 (Sat), 15 (Sun), 20 (Fri/Holiday), 21 (Sat), 22 (Sun), 28 (Sat), and 29 (Sun), 2020
[Venue/Course] Tsujimon ⇔ Hiyoshi Shrine ⇔ Okinohata

◆Ebisu Hina Alley

This back alley makes you feel like you are in a town of Showa era and the good old Showa taste can be experienced as you enjoy the Hina doll decorations.
[Period] Early to mid-March of 2020
[Venue] Yanagawa City (Surrounding area of Saihoji Temple in Ebisu-cho)

◆ [Canceled] Yanagawa Kimono Day

Yanagawa will be filled with people in Kimono. Raffle draws for specialties of Yanagawa will be held and a nail-art service is given to those who are in Kimono.
[Period] March 7 (Sat) – 8 (Sun), 2020
[Time] 10:00 – 15:00
[Venue] Yanagawa City Tourist Information Center

◆ [Canceled] Hina Doll Festival Water Parade

People dressed up like Hina dolls such as the emperor and empress and cute children chosen by the public riding on boats and parade gracefully on canal water under the Sagemon decorations. Such special sceneries which are unique to Yanagawa can be seen.
[Date] March 15 (Sun), 2020 *Postponed to the 22th (Sun) if it rains
[Time] 11:00 – 12:20
[Venue/Course] Okinohata ~ Mihashira Shrine

◆Floating Hina Doll Festival

[Date] April 3 (Fri), 2020
[Venue] Canal Boat Sailing course downstream of the Yanagawa bridge

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