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Fukuoka Castle Ruins Online Fashion Show  2021

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

Traditional Crafts x Art x Fashion
Fukuoka Castle Ruins Online Fashion Show 

The Fashion show will be held at Fukuoka Castle Ruins without audience, runway and talk show will stream on Fukuoka Channel in mid-March.

The stonewall will be lit up to create an amazing atmosphere at Fukuoka Castle Ruins. Introducing innovative designed costumes that are well made by Hakata-ori and young fashion designers.

In addition, a talk show will be held with the theme of “Traditional Crafts x Art x Fashion”.

※Due to the emergency declaration has been expanded, the event will be held without audience and streamed online! (streaming date to be confirmed)
The event will be upload on the “Fukuoka Channel” in mid-March.

The house riding event and extending the rental time of Kimono which provided by “Fukuoka Castle Ruins Myyou no Yakata” have been cancelled.

But the regular plan of kimono rental will be provided as usual at “Myyou no Yakata”
Please find their website for further information. http://www.myyounoyakata.com/

★ Fashion show

At the fashion show, works from Hakata Ori (OKANO Hakata Kimono Seisakusho) and fashion-related schools in Fukuoka will be on the runway.
Not only kimonos, but also outfit that have been redesigned with modern lifestyle.

The works of Naomi Okamoto(岡本尚美) who is the winner of 94th Soen-Award and the graduation projects by fashion design students will be on the show as well.

Please enjoy the combination of traditional and innovative design!

★ Talk show

The talk show will invite who are active in different fields and discuss about the manufacturing, tradition and innovation in the future.

OKANO, President / Hirokazu Okano 
株式会社岡野(OKANO博多きもの制作所) 代表取締役社長 岡野博一氏


The president of traditional Hakata Ori weaver company from 1897. He applied from the traditional crafts luxury brands in Europe and attempt to rebuild the Japanese traditional crafts. In addition, he collaboration with contemporary artists such as Miwa Komatsu, constant pursuit the possibility of traditional art and contemporary art.

koran women’s junior college / Naomi Okamoto
香蘭女子短期大学 岡本尚美氏

第94回装苑賞 岡本尚美氏

Koran Women’s Junior College Okamoto Naomi
The winner of 94th Soen-Award.
Her work is specialized by using carefully selected textiles and expression of various genres and materials.

Kyushu Sangyo University / Asami Iguchi
九州産業大学 井口麻未氏

今日の装い 378人
シェル美術賞2019年 オーディエンス賞

Selected by Akashiya-Sanma Gallery in 2020
The winner of Audience Prize of Shell Art Award 2019
The winner of Art Fair Asia Fukuoka Prize of AFAF AWARDS 2019
Her work is based on the theme of people’s daily outfit.

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