Night Zoological and Botanical Garden 2018 [Fukuoka City Zoological and Botanical Garden]

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

Enjoy the different Zoological and Botanical Garden from always!

Fukuoka City Zoological and Botanical Garden will be open until 21:00 every Saturday of August, 1st and 2nd Saturdays of September for the annual summer event “Night Zoological and Botanical Garden”!
Take a once-a-year chance to observe night-blooming flowers and nocturnal animals’ biology and behavior. Come and see them.

The Zoo Has a Lot to Offer

Enjoy exciting, thrilling aspects that you can experience only during the hours of darkness!
You can see a zoo which is different from always, such as witnessing the intrinsic vibrant behavior of nocturnal animals, flamingos and penguins in the light.

・ Vigorous animals are displayed on 4K display!

Clear, vigorous images of animals are displayed on the large 4K display at the Zoological Science Center.


Highlights of the Botanical Garden

・ Special Light-up “Hikari-no Mori”

Trees and flowers are lit up with full-color LED. This will invite you to the fantastic world of plants.

・ The big hit “Night Garden Train” runs!

The illuminated Night Garden Train runs in the Botanical Garden.
Operation Hours: 14:30 – 20:30
* The fare will be charged separately from the admission fee. It’ll be cancelled if it rains.

・ Flowers blooms only at night are exhibited

[In the glasshouse] Royal water lily, Powder-puff tree, Tropical water lily, Dragon fruit, etc.
[Outdoor] Red-sepal evening primrose, Citron day-lily, etc.

-It is open even if it rains.
-According to conditions of weather and animals, you may not be able to see them.
-For security reasons, there are some off-limits areas.
-Please refrain from using flashes when taking photos of animals.
-Do not feed animals.

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