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Easy access from the Hakata and Tenjin Area! The Best Night View Spots of Fukuoka City


Out of all of the night life delights Fukuoka city has to offer such as dining and entertainment, the beautiful night views are especially highly recommended. Although you can enjoy the bright neon lights of the Nakasu area reflected over the water surface of the Naka River, why not go a little further and visit some destinations offering spectacular night views? Here are the best night view spots for you, easily accessible from downtown.

【The standard course for a night tour in Fukuoka – Fukuoka Open Top Bus】


Fukuoka Open Top Bus, the open air, double-decker bus gives visitors exhilaration just like a fun ride on a roller coaster. The splendid view from a height of 3 meters surely allows you to enjoy the cityscape in a completely different way from the ordinary. The Fukuoka Gorgeous Nightscape Course (Kirameki Yakei Course) that lets you fully enjoy the night view spots of Fukuoka from Hakata district to Fukuoka Tower is the one to choose. The sparkling night view from the Fukuoka Urban Expressway is worth seeing!

Bus Stop /Tenjin/Fukuoka Shiyakusho-mae」Bus Stop
Fares /Adults: 1,540yen/Children(over 4 years old and up to elementary school)770yen
Inquiries/Reservation center(8:00~19:00)
0120-489-939 ( Cell phone・PHS・IPphone 092-734-2727 )

【Filled with spiritual atmosphere – Atago Shrine (West Ward)】


The night view seen from Mt. Atago

The Atago Shrine is situated on the top of the 60m-tall Mt. Atago, where you can overlook the beautiful night scenery of Fukuoka Tower and the Momochi area from the precincts. With a long history as the oldest shrine in Fukuoka City, it is believed to help drive away evil, bring good fortune, drive success in business and academics, keep families safe and secure, and achieve marriage. The shrine is also known as the “God of Abstinence”, having the power to help those who wish to give up the habits of drinking and smoking. The serene atmosphere, that other night view spots can never offer, is highly recommended as a secret date spot for lovers.

Atago Shrine

  • West, Itoshima Area

Address: 2-7-1, Atago, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City
Access: 13 minute walk from Muromi Subway Station
8 minute walk from the Nishitetsu Bus Atagoshita bus stop (bus No. 9).
3 minute drive from Atago Ramp of Fukuoka Urban Expressway Line No. 1.
Admission fee: Free

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【Enjoy a romantic moment at the seaside Hakata Port Tower (Hakata Ward)】


The Bayside Place Hakata with the Hakata Port Tower at its center

Since its establishment in 1964, the Hakata Port Tower has been adored as a landmark in Hakata Port. From the observatory floor at 70 meters above ground, you can enjoy the great 360 degree panoramic view while overlooking the ships coming and going, Fukuoka Urban Expressway and the night view of the city. The pathway leading to the Port Tower, a part of the Bayside Place, also truly gets you in a romantic mood. There is a public bath facility open until past midnight at 1 o’clock, which allows you to enjoy a combination of the night view and the hot spring with your friends.

Hakata Port Tower

  • Hakata Area

Address: 14-1, Chikko Hon-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Access: On foot: 15 minutes from the Tenjin area
By bus: Take the Nishitetsu bus bound for Hakata Futoh (No. 90) from Tenjin, and get off at the final stop. Or, take No. 99 from Hakata Station (Hakata-eki bus center bldg. bus stop E) and get off at the final stop.
Admission fee: Free

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【The breathtaking night view seen from 123m above the ground, Fukuoka Tower】


The east side of Fukuoka City seen from Fukuoka Tower

Featuring a modern exterior covered with 8,000 half mirrored panels, Fukuoka Tower is the tallest seaside tower in Japan. There are three different floors offering a night view; observation deck at 123m above ground, sky lounge (4th floor) at 120m high where you can enjoy dining with the great night view in the background, and the “Lover’s Sanctuary” on the 3rd floor with a number of items allowing lovers and couples to deepen their bonds. Its urban and chic atmosphere makes it perfect as a date spot for lovers. The tower illuminates with certain themes according to season and occasion which is also magnificent and a must see.

Fukuoka Tower

  • Momochi , Sawara Area

Address: 2-3-26, Momochi-hama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
Access: From the Tenjin area, take the #W1, W2, or 302 bus at the Tenjin bus stop (1A) and get off at Fukuoka Tower or “Fukuoka Tower Minamiguchi”. From Hakata Station, take the #306 or 312 bus at the Hakata bus terminal (No. 5 and 6) and get off at Fukuoka Tower or “Fukuoka Tower Minamiguchi”
Admission fee: 800 yen for adults, 500 yen for elementary school and junior high school kids, 200 yen for ages 4 or older, and 500 yen for the elderly over 65
Open Hours: 9:30-22:00 (last entry at 21:30)

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【The port town view from the ocean – Fukuoka Water Bus】


Flourished as a gateway to overseas from ancient times, Fukuoka, a port town, still welcomes a number of regular international passenger ships and foreign cruise ships. The Hakata Bay Night Cruise is a tour that enables you to fully appreciate the allure of the city (Hakata Bay). An excursion course where you can enjoy the night view of Fukuoka from Hakata Bay, available by reservation only. Covering the city’s major sights such as Canal City Hakata, Bayside Place Halata, Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome and Fukuoka Tower, it provides a relaxing ride while allowing you to fully enjoy the night in Fukuoka.

Station /Tenjin Chuokoen Water-bus Station(Fuku-haku-deai-bashi Bridge)
Time required /50min
Fares /2,000yen

【Enjoy the Great Panoramic View - Mt, Aburayama, Katae observatory (Jonan Ward)】


The night view seen from the Katae observatory

Located at the top of the 597-meter-high Mt. Aburayama, the Katae observatory is one of the most popular night view spots in Fukuoka. You can enjoy the great 120 degrees panoramic view of the city and its surrounding area. With no outdoor lights installed around the observatory, it is an ideal environment to see the wonderful night view. Vending machines and a shop are also available for a relaxing time while enjoying the spectacular cityscape. Easily accessible within a 30 minute drive from the Tenjin and Nakasu area, it is widely popular among families and couples.

Katae Observatory

  • South Area

Address: 106-1 Katae, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka City
Access: [From the Tenjin area] Take route 202 toward Ropponmatsu and change roads to Aburayama Kanko doro at Ropponmatsu-nishi intersection and drive for about 30 minutes.
[Via urban expressway] 10 minute drive from the Tsutsumi interchange.
Admission fee: Free

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Fukuoka is an extremely compact city with functional urban areas at its center and enchanting natural surroundings, and it is an ideal location to enjoy beautiful night vistas. Why not venture out to one of the night spots that appeals to you after enjoying some delicious Fukuoka cuisine?

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