Katae Observatory

South Area

Katae observatory is one of the most popular night view spots in Fukuoka. It is located on the hillside of the nature-rich mountain Aburayama (597 meters altitude), within 30 minutes drive from Tenjin, the busy downtown of Fukuoka.

You can enjoy the great 120 degrees panoramic view of Fukuoka City, with the bright neon signs of Fukuoka Airport and the lights illuminating highways in the east, and FUKUOKA YAHUOKU! DOME in the west. On sunny days, you can see as far as Uminonakamichi island across Hakata Bay.

If you visit here in the morning, you can hear the songs of the birds while enjoying the fantastic view. At night, the romantic night view like jewelry box will fascinate you with glittering colors of white, gold and orange.

There is also a free parking area, vending machines and a hotdog shop near the observatory.

Aburayama mountain is a relaxation spot which is also visited by wild birds and small creatures. Keep a good manner, respect the environment and enjoy the superb view from the mountain.

In the vicinity is also Aburayama Shimin-no-mori, where you can enjoy camping and hiking, and Moo Moo Land Aburayama Ranch where cows and sheeps are peacefully chewing on the grass.

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