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Fukuoka Airport: The Many Attractions of the Metropolitan Airport That Serves as the Gateway to Asia and the World

Also known as the “front door to Asia”, Fukuoka Airport just recently made its shift into management under the private sector starting in April of 2019. Having gone through a staged renewal process that was carried out in phases and grand openings respectively, the Domestic Terminal Building is due to be entirely completed in the summer of 2020.
As such, we’ll be introducing the newly revamped conveniences and fashionability of the airport interior through three categories of “access”, “the food court and selection of souvenirs”, and “leisure available in the airport”!

○A Drastically Improved Interior Layout

The Modern-Look Access Hall

Through the renovations carried out in the Domestic Terminal, Fukuoka Airport now has an Access Hall that connects airport subway lines to domestic flights in the airport. This drastically reduces the time spend getting from the subway ticket gate, to the airline counters, then to the baggage safety inspection area.

Once past the subway ticket gate, you’ll immediately find the Access Hall straight ahead!

Airline counters can be found on the 1st floor

Take the escalator to the second floor, and you’ll immediately find the baggage safety inspection for departures and the [the food times] food court right in front of you!

○Visiting the Restaurants and Shops in the Terminal Building!

n addition to serving as an airport, you will also find a number of facilities that build on the special atmosphere of being in an airport. Envisioned as a space that could extend beyond the practical purpose of getting on a plane, and also taking into account the airport’s prospective plans to implement facilities such as hotels in the future, Fukuoka Airport is looking to be able to help resolve the shortage of lodging facilities Fukuoka’s inner city, thereby also serving the city’s business needs.
Next, let’s take tour of the exciting locations throughout the interior of the Terminal Building that are currently accessible.

1.Take a tour of ramen flavors with the 10 restaurants arranged from north to south along the [Ramen Kassoro (runway)] (3rd floor of the Domestic Flight Terminal Building)

The [Ramen Kassoro] on the 3rd floor of the Domestic Terminal Building. There are 9 ramen restaurants and 1 dessert shop arranged along the length of a space modeled after the runway strip.

[Ramen Unari], famous as a spirited name in the world of Hakata ramen.

For example, locations like [Ramen Unari], opened in 2009 under a concept of the [Unaraseru Ippai], a bowl to elicit a groan of satisfaction, is now a notable brand in the ramen industry, placing 1st for 3 years running in a ramen specialty magazine. With their trademark [Seafood Tonkotsu Ramen] and its savory seafood umami broth at the fore, they also offer a basic tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen and tsukemen (dipping ramen) as well.

The [Seafood Tonkotsu Ramen] served with medium-thin homemade noodles

 The soup itself is made with karashi mentaiko (salted cod roe) in an original invention called the [Ramen Karashi Mentaiko]

In addition to the traditional Hakata tonkotsu base, every ramen restaurant from the north end to the south end presents the opportunity to try a distinctive interpretation of ramen flavors. Enjoy comparing and contrasting the various choices.

【Ramen Kassoro (runway) / Check here for store information】
Clicking the restaurant name with display store information.
Yatai Ramen Gyokuryu (tonkotsu ramen from Hakata)
Tsujita (seafood tonkotsu tsukemen from Tokyo)
Hakata Ikkosha (tonkotsu ramen with thin, wide noodles from Hakata)
Ramen Nagi (niboshi (sardine-based broth) ramen from Tokyo)
Mankai (Shio (salt-flavored) tonkotsu ramen from Osaka)
Deshikaga Ramen (Hokkaido Ramen)
Ramen Unari (Seafood tonkotsu ramen with homemade noodles from Hakata)
Noodle Laboratory Kintoun (Kagoshima ramen)
Sakata Ramen Kachou Fugetsu (Yamagata ramen)
Saryo Itoen (Baked sweets)

2. [the food times], a food court with popular Western, Japanese and Chinese local cuisine (located on the 2nd floor of the Domestic Terminal)

Aside from ramen restaurants, the 2nd floor of the Domestic Terminal Building also has a food court that can seat nearly 380 people right by the northern departure baggage safety inspection area. Here, you’ll find 8 locations to get an immersive culinary experience in Fukuoka cuisine!

●The butter grilled beef set at [Tenjin B.B.Quisine]

 The [Butter Grilled Beef Set] is a hideaway soul food spot that has sated the appetites of businessmen during the lunchtime rush for nearly 60 years since its founding.

●Suramen at [Suramen Makuri]

An authentic suramen (spicy and sour broth) prepared by a chukamen (Chinese-style noodles) specialty restaurant with three locations in the city, lines are always found outside the location during lunch hours

●Hakata tonkotsu ago-dashi (Japanese flying flying fish broth) curry from [Hakata Curry Kenkyujo]

The tonkotsu broth pairs exquisitely with the ago dashi broth in the local specialty curry! [Hakata Ago-dashi Curry]

From casual cafes convenient for breakfast or a light snack, to restaurants with full, hearty meals, be sure to check out the specialty dishes at each of the 8 locations in the food court.
Check here for more information on [the foodtimes] food court.

3.From staple Hakata confectionery to exclusive gift items, the comprehensive assortment of Kyushu’s regional desserts at the [Sweets Hall] is ideal for souvenir shopping.

14 confectionery shops can be found all in one place in the [Sweets Hall]

The [Sweets Hall], home to 14 confectionery specialty shops stocked with Kyushu’s Japanese and Western confectionery treats also just had its grand opening! In addition to the standard selection of items sold in Fukuoka’s notable old-fashioned shops and popular stores, you also can’t miss the special sweet treats exclusive to Fukuoka Airport.

●[L’UNIQUE Hiyoko]

[L’UNIQUE Hiyoko], the new brand line produced by [Hiyoko], a longstanding establishment with a history spanning 120 years since its founding

The [Matoi Hiyoko] chocolate, an extraordinarily popular and stylish Hakata souvenir only available at Hakata Airport


A custard dessert specialty shop

Their trademark product, the [Custard Brulee]

The custard cream, made with Jersey milk produced in the Aso and Oguni regions, is enclosed in a soft and puffy soufflé along with Kyushu-produce cream cheese in the [Brulee Custard], while Hakata Amaou strawberries are used to make the [Mini Custard Assortment (Fukuoka Airport exclusive product)], a condensed cup-size version of the popular souvenir, the [Berry Berry Custard].

●[Itoking], an Amaou Strawberry Manufacturer and Seller

Beginning with a selection of [Amaou Strawberry-Filled Dorayaki], their specialty product made with Fukuoka-produce Amaou strawberries, the confectionery store founded in Itoshima offers an assortment of sweet delicacies that accentuate the delicious flavor of Amaou strawberries with items like the [Hakata Choco-pie Ou (King)] and the [Amagori Smoothie].

4.Diagonally Across from [the food times] / [Fukuya Fukuoka Airport Branch], the founder of the karashi mentaiko (located near the central area on the 2nd floor of the Domestic Terminal) 

Chef Sakamoto, a chef at the Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & the hall’s head chef supervised the creation of the [Mentai-quiche]

Starting with a base of the Hakata souvenir staple [Aji no Mentaiko (spicy cod roe)], the idea for the new, Fukuoka Airport exclusive Hakata souvenir called the [Mentai-Quiche] is made with Fukuya’s mentaiko. The mentaiko pairs well with the Hokkaido cream cheese, and is stuffed with potatoes, paprika, and Shimeji mushrooms, then topped with mentaiko flakes.

5.[CAFFÉ&BAR PRONTO Fukuoka Airport Branch] serves as both a cafe in the day, and a bar by night (1st floor of the Domestic Terminal Building)

Try the Pasta Exclusive to Fukuoka Airport, [Hakata Mentaiko Barinose (topped with Hakata cod roe)!]

Many of the shops can also be frequented interchangeably during the day or night as a cafe or bar respectively. [CAFFÉ&BAR PRONTO Fukuoka Airport Branch] is located on the 1st floor of the Domestic Terminal Building adjacent to the Domestic Arrival Gate (South). The venue looks to be a promisingly convenient location for those picking off or dropping off, as well as people looking to grab a meal or have a drink while at the airport.
Check here for a shopping list of items available in Fukuoka Airport (you can also find store operating hours and other details)

○Don’t Forget to Take Advantage of the Relaxing Atmosphere of the [Airport Lounge]

[Time], a lounge to kick back and relax

When you need a place to take a moment and relax in comfort while waiting, the airport lounges in both the domestic and international terminals present convenient options. Depending on your credit card company and your level of membership, those accompanying you will also get free access, while anyone can get access to the lounge for a fee.
Check here for more information on the lounge/paid waiting rooms

○Get around easily by bus or car

 The International Terminal also provides access to transportation going into and out of the city.

Fukuoka Airport is located in extremely close proximity, specifically within a 5 km distance of Fukuoka’s city area. Additionally, the airport is also conveniently located around 5 minutes from Hakata Station and just 11 minutes from Tenjin Station.
The high-speed bus network has also been substantially expanded, and train lines running between Fukuoka Airport and each Kyushu prefecture have also been implemented.  Furthermore, being located near Hakata Station, the arrival and departure station of Shinkansen lines is yet another locational advantage of the airport.
The ramp leading to the Fukuoka Highway is also situated close by, and it only takes around 20 minutes to get to the Kyushu Dazaifu IC, making transportation to and from the airport by car extremely smooth as well.

○Snapshot Opportunities Galore for Social Media Posts! A Metropolitan Airport Right Near the Heart of the City

The observation deck where you can find airplane trivia and view of the airfield (Domestic Terminal)

The [Domestic Flight Royal Food Court], where you can have a meal with a panoramic view of the planes taking off and landing

The seasons during when the airport is adorned in decorative lights is also especially photogenic!

[Accion Fukuoka (Fukuoka Prefectural Sports Science Information Center)], located atop a plateau overlooking both the city and the airport, gives you an opportunity to take pictures of a scenery that truly captures the essence of the airport!

Compared to other domestic airports, Fukuoka Airport is situated especially close to the heart of the city, and you’ll find people dropping off and picking up, airplane fans, and people enjoying some photography both inside and around the airport.


In addition to serving its functional purpose as an airport, Fukuoka Airport is rife with sightseeing and entertainment attractions, spanning from restaurants to shopping facilities that have transformed the airport into a landmark of the region.
Not only is the airport convenient for travel and business trips, but it also presents an exemplary option for a weekend outing with your family, on a date, as a social gathering spot with friends, or as a local sightseeing spot to give a tour around for your friends or acquaintances from outside of the prefecture or from abroad.
As an airport city with a plurality of features and value, the additional development of a wide range of services is very much a present progressive matter at Fukuoka Airport. In further enhancing both the convenience and the attractions of the metropolitan airport, it goes without saying that the location has the potential to boost recognition of Fukuoka and the Kyushu region, and its rapid progress as a top-class airport of eastern Asia is something to definitely keep an eye out for.
※The information listed is up to date as of February, 2020.

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