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Hakata Mochi Pounding [“Hakata Machiya” Furusato-kan] 2021

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

※Regarding to the state of emergency has declared in Fukuoka from 14th January,  below event of “Hakata Mochi Pounding” and the “Matoi Dance” have been cancelled.
The red and white mochi will still be presented to the first 100 customers who visit Exhibition Hall as scheduled. 
※The event might be changed depending on the circumstances. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

The annual Hakata Mochi Pounding!

At “Hakata Machiya Furusato-kan” where the lives and cultures of Hakata in the good old days are amusingly introduced, “Hakata Mochi Pounding” is held this year again!

Sticky rice is steamed using a large Hakata charcoal grill, then mochi is pounded in rhythm with the Japanese traditional music. The “Matoi Dance” performed by 4 branches of Hakata Fire Brigades (Gokusho, Naraya, Ohama, Reisen) is also a must-see!

In addition, red and white mochi will be presented to the first 100 customers who visit Exhibition Hall. 
(The numbered tickets will be handed out from the opening time. The red and white mochi will give out from 11am.)

※It is free for Hakata Mochi Pounding event (Admission fee of Exhibition Hall is charged separately)
※There will not provide free samples to try this year. The mochi will be handed out alternatively.
※It will not be available to participate by general public this year. 

※To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, please cooperate by wearing a mask and following cough etiquette, taking temperature, disinfecting and washing your hands. Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever or are not feeling well. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

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