Uminaka Flower Festival 2018 (Uminonakamichi Seaside Park)

East Area

Let’s enjoy autumn’s flower viewing!
The theme of this year is “The photogenic Japan and Flower”

At the flower hill, there are hands-on workshops, “Japanese culture experience” and the “photo spot” made by bamboo so you can enjoy together with the flower viewing. They are undoubtedly great spots for Instagram!


Chill out and walk around the cosmos field. Enjoy the season’s flowers

The park will be fully dyed in autumn’s color, as one side of the hill is covered in red, white and pink cosmos carpet, together with bright red kochia. A flower garden evoking the image of traditional Hakata-ori (textile) has been made mainly with mums of the Asteraceae family as well.

In late October, autumn roses with more vivid color and scent that lasts longer will be in full bloom.

During the period, a lot of events such as a festival for parents and children with the theme of “play” and “learn”, a petting zoo where people can come in contact with animals such as goats, mini-pigs, tortoises, and hands-on workshops where you can fully enjoy autumn – the season of sports, etc. will be held!

※Blooming timing may differ depending on seasons.


Uminaka Flower Festival Flower Information

[Cosmos Carpet]

One side of the hill is painted in red, white, pink cosmos.
Best time to see: early October ~ late October
Scale: around 1.5 million cosmos flowers (approx. 15,000m2)
Location: Flower hill


The flower garden with around 20 thousand plumed cockscombs growing brightly.
Best time to see: late September ~ mid October
Scale: around 180 thousand (approx. 5000m2)
Location: Hanasajiki

[Plentiful variations of cosmos]

Unique cosmos which are out of the ordinary, together with 1000 of the perfectly round kochia can be enjoyed.
Best time to see: early October ~ late October ※Autumn leaves of kochia is from early October ~ mid October
Scale: approx. 2000m2
Location: Rainbow / Colorful flower garden.

[Flower Garden in Hakata-ori pattern]

A flower garden evoking the image of traditional Hakata-ori (textile) is made with mums and zinnias. Please enjoy the charm of Hakata-ori pattern.
Best time to see: early October ~ late October
Scale: 16 thousand strains (approx. 1000m2)
Location: Canal

[Enjoy the scent of autumn roses]

Autumn roses with vivid color and strong scent are waiting for you. Find your most favorite scent!
Best time to see: late October ~ late November
Scale: around 1200 strains of approx. 170 types
Location: Rose garden, Flower Museum

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