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Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

East Area

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is an extensive leisure park where you can enjoy seasonal flowers. Many events are held here in each season; Flower Picnic (spring), Rose Festival (early summer and autumn) and Cosmos Festival (autumn). Come to the Sunshine Pool in summer, the largest resort pool complex in the western Japan. You can also visit this urban resort park empty-handed and enjoy day camping with a rental barbecue outfits. Other features here at this large urban resort facility include Marine World, the aquarium with 350 kinds of fishes and The Luiganz, ocean view resort hotel.

Inside the site, there is also an amusement park Wonder World, which has 23 kinds of attractions including a large Ferris wheel and a large trampoline, Kujiragumo Fuwanpoline.

+++++ The Sunshine Pool +++++
[Opening Period] Mid July thru End of August (may be extended depending on the year)
This is the largest leisure pool complex in the western Japan. 6 pools with water circulation function and other unique features will bring a great fun both to kids and grown-ups. You can take a rest in a tree shade or roofed shelter after a good swim. There are also many food stalls.

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