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Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum exhibits the most famous traditional crafts of Fukuoka including Hakataori textile and Hakata dolls. It opened in spring of 2011 as a new tourist spot where you can learn about the culture of Fukuoka.

Hakataori textile and Hakata dolls are the most famous traditional crafts of Fukuoka.
Hakataori textile is especially famous for the one called “Goshokukenjo,” which is colored purple, blue, red, yellow, or mazarine. In the Edo Period, it was chosen by the lord of Kuroda Clan as one of the tribute articles presented to the central government. Hakata dolls are said to have been created by the order of Kuroda Nagamasa, who gathered many doll makers after he took over reign of the Fukuoka area.

As each traditional craft has deep connections to historical events and people’s lives in the place where it was born, it is interesting to learn about the history and culture of Fukuoka through traditional crafts.

Fukuoka also has various other traditional crafts such as Hakata magemono (woodenware), Hakata koma (toy top), and Hakata hariko (paper doll), Hakata Basami (scissors), Chikuzen Hakata Ya (arrows), and Multi-Glass .There are many arts and crafts that created Fukuoka and Hakata for what it is now.

What is the most noteworthy about traditional crafts is the skill of the craft masters!
Today we can appreciate the traditional beauty thanks to their efforts to preserve the old traditions and skills.
You can get close to such wonderful mastership at Hakata Traditional Craft Center.

The center is located next to Kushida Shrine, which is a major tourist spot.
Make sure to visit newly opened Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum.

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