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Hakata Hankyu

Hakata Area

【Notice】Some events and stores, facilities may be cancelled, temporarily closed or shorten business hours. Before visiting, please check the official website or contact directly for further information.
Please Click here for the information of COVID-19 from Fukuoka City

Hakata Hankyu is a department store in JR Hakata City, the station building of Hakata Station, the hub of Kyushu railway network.

Hakata Hankyu, the first “Hankyu” branch in Kyushu, occupies the floors from the 1st basement level to the 8th.
The tenants include Hakata Sisters, which collects many trendy brands targeting trend-sensitive young women, as well as other clothing stores suitable for more mature generations, which makes this place perfect for families.

The cosmetics section boasts the largest collection of products (50 brands) in Fukuoka including Japanese brands and other famous natural cosmetics brands. Kirei Kirei Station on the 1st floor offers the sample products of currently popular products in Japan. You can try and compare many cosmetics brands here.

Moreover, “Hankyu Original Suit Store H’m,” which offers men’s suites for the prices of 19,000 yen, 29,000 yen, 39,000 yen and 49,000 yen, a golf store and many other stores make this place perfect for families to visit.

At “Umachika!,” the basement floor specializing in food products, you can find a variety of popular sweets from Tokyo and Osaka as well as specialty foods and souvenirs from around Kyushu.

The information desk on the 1st floor provides information service in English, Korean and Chinese. You can also make an inquiry about duty-free shopping here. Foreign customers can get a 5% discount coupon by presenting a passport.
*Not Applicable to Some Items

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