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Kyukamura Shikanoshima Hotel

East Area

Shikanoshima resides at the tip of Uminonakamichi that stretches through Hakata bay. It is a green small island surrounded all around by the white coast line. In front of the beach is Kyukamura, which boasts a fantastic sunset of the Genkai Sea. In 2006, it went under a renewal and all the rooms now have ocean views. Here you can relax and enjoy the superb view of the Genkai Sea. Kin-in No Yu hot spring facility is opened in 2005. Its abundant natural spring overflowing straight from the underground will surely eliminate your fatigue. They have 74 guest rooms and 2 restaurants.

[Gourmet by the Genkai Sea]
At dinner time, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal seafood of the Genkai Sea in buffet style, or a dish of raw fish meat chopped and arranged by skillful cooks. You can also order small dishes of seasonal cuisine and kaiseki, a traditional Japanese course dinner (inquiry is needed). The “Island”, an Italian restaurant boasting a panoramic view of the Genkai Sea is also attached to Kyukason. Their recommendation is the Italian pizza, for which even basic ingredients like oil and flour are very carefully selected. A reasonable lunch course is also available. (Open hours: 11:00-17:00).

[Interactive Plan]
In mornings, they have a walking tour for 30 minutes before breakfast, which gives you a nice little time spend in the nature. In April and May, you can pick new sunny oranges, and in August and September, you can try scuba diving here.

[Kyukamura Bathing Beach]
The white beach in front of the main building extends by 800 meters and it is very popular for its transparent water and gentle ripples. The sunset view beyond the small islands floating on the Genkai Sea is fabulous. Shower rooms, changing rooms, shops and a seaside pool become available in summer. The colorful cloud-shaped pool is set up on the beach and it is perfect for small kids to play safely.

*Free Parking is available.

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