KIWAMIYA「nishijin branch」 “Hakata Motsu-nabe”Restaurant

Momochi , Sawara Area

① Our restaurant does not receive Halal certification by a third party organization.
② The kitchen is not dedicated to Halal food, as it also being used to cook regular
③ In the Halal menu, the meat we are using has received Halal certification.
Halal beef
beet sugar
Soy sauce
Flying fish etc…
④ In the Halal menu, seasoning is also fit Halal standard.
※ For seasoning which hasn't received Halal certification, we already checked the
contents and
make sure it is ok for Muslim guest.
⑤ Cooking utensils such as chopping boards, kitchen knives, Cooking bowl. are
being divided used.
⑥ We use the same tableware as the general menu, but if you need, we provide
disposable dishes

“Hakata Motsu-nabe”history
“Hakata Motsu-nabe” is the ultimate pot that condensed the nutrition and 「umami
」of ingredients.
It is said that the origin of Motsu-nabe came from the people working in coal mines
in Fukuoka.
70 years ago, in Japan, there was not enough food to eat.
So, at that time, with cheaply-available "MOTSU (the viscera of a cow)" and an
aluminum pots, the source of "Motsu-nabe" that full of nutrition which can be every
home, was born.
"Features of Hakata Motsu-nabe"

There are various "soup stocks" throughout Japan, like katsuo,kelp, boiled dry fish,
shiitake mushroom etc.
Fukuoka is able to catch fresh fish near the sea. Among them, "Flying fish" has long
been popular as an auspicious high-class food material.
Less fat content causes spoilage, refreshing and elegant taste.

How to eat 「HAKATA STYLE Motsu-nabe」
1. In the beginning, boil the pot on high heat. When the soup get boil, down to medium heat.
2. Sometimes let ingredients sink so that soak it in soup.
When It is completely soaked, wait 4 minutes.
3. When you eat, you can choose your favorite flavor "YUZU -pepper" or "Japanese dry chirii pepper Maybe more enjoy various taste.
And add burdock and enoki mushroom. Enjoy the change in taste and the difference in texture!
4 Please leave soup for eating chanpong noodles. That is "HAKATA STYLE"
In the end, Add champong noodles and simmer for about a minute,
When noodles get soaked in soup taste, Please eat.

※The picture is for 2 people.
※There is a minimum order of two for this item
There is other menu.
All listed prices are excluding tax

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