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KIWAMIYA「nishijin branch」 “Hakata Motsu-nabe”Restaurant

Momochi , Sawara Area

ポリシー / Policy / Kebijakan (Halal Motsunabe Kiwamiya)

当店のハラール・メニューは、アン・ヌール・イスラミック・センター福岡マスジド(Al Nour Islamic Center Fukuoka Masjid)よりハラール認証を受けております。
Our restaurant’s HALAL menu is certified as Halal by Al Nour Islamic Center Fukuoka Masjid.
Menu Halal restauran semua telah diberi sertifikat HALAL oleh Al Nour Islamic Center Fukuoka Masjid.

1. ハラール・メニューにおいては、食肉はハラール認証を受けたものを使用しております。
For the Halal menu items, we use Halal certified meat.
Untuk menu Halal, kami memakai daging yang sudah menerima sertifikat Halal.

2. ハラール・メニューにおいては、調味料もハラール対応したものを使用しております。
For the Halal menu items, we use seasoning which corresponds with Halal standards.
The seasonings and ingredients which do not have a halal certificate have already been carefully checked by Al Nour Islamic Center Fukuoka Masjid.
Untuk menu Halal, kami memakai bumbu-bumbu yang sesuai dengan standar Halal.
Bumbu-bumbu dan komposisi yang tidak ada sertifikat halal telah dicek oleh Al Nour Islamic Center Fukuoka Masjid dengan teliti.

For the Halal menu items, we use exclusive cooking utensils, such as cutting boards, knives, and bowls.
Untuk menu Halal, kami memakai alat-alat masak seperti talenan, pisau, ball, flyer dan lain-lain, secara terpisah dari alat-alat masak untuk masakan lainnya.

For the Halal menu items, tableware is not exclusive, but we use exclusive gelas for the Halal menu.
If requested, we can provide disposable dishes, and forks.
Untuk menu Halal, perangkat makan dipakai juga untuk menu lainnya, namun untuk gelas kami memakai yang khusus untuk menu Halal.
Jika ada permintaan, kami akan menyediakan perangkat makan dan garpu yang sekali pakai.

We use our kitchen not only for Halal foods, but also for other menu items.
Kami memakai dapur kami tidak hanya untuk menu Halal, tetapi juga untuk menu lainnya.

Our restaurant has not received Halal certification by a third party
organization, but when we use ingredients without Halal certification, we
check the contents.
Restoran kami belum menerima sertifikat Halal dari organisasi pihak ketiga,
tetapi kami memakai bahan tanpa sertifikat Halal, kami mengecek

bahan makanan

bumbu masak


kecap asin(soy sauce)

ikan terbang (flying fish) bakar

daging sapi Halal

“Hakata Motsu-nabe”history
“Hakata Motsu-nabe” is the ultimate pot that condensed the nutrition and 「umami
」of ingredients.
It is said that the origin of Motsu-nabe came from the people working in coal mines
in Fukuoka.
70 years ago, in Japan, there was not enough food to eat.
So, at that time, with cheaply-available "MOTSU (the viscera of a cow)" and an
aluminum pots, the source of "Motsu-nabe" that full of nutrition which can be every
home, was born.
"Features of Hakata Motsu-nabe"

There are various "soup stocks" throughout Japan, like katsuo,kelp, boiled dry fish,
shiitake mushroom etc.
Fukuoka is able to catch fresh fish near the sea. Among them, "Flying fish" has long
been popular as an auspicious high-class food material.
Less fat content causes spoilage, refreshing and elegant taste.

How to eat 「HAKATA STYLE Motsu-nabe」
1. In the beginning, boil the pot on high heat. When the soup get boil, down to medium heat.
2. Sometimes let ingredients sink so that soak it in soup.
When It is completely soaked, wait 4 minutes.
3. When you eat, you can choose your favorite flavor "YUZU -pepper" or "Japanese dry chirii pepper Maybe more enjoy various taste.
And add burdock and enoki mushroom. Enjoy the change in taste and the difference in texture!
4 Please leave soup for eating chanpong noodles. That is "HAKATA STYLE"
In the end, Add champong noodles and simmer for about a minute,
When noodles get soaked in soup taste, Please eat.

※The picture is for 2 people.
※There is a minimum order of two for this item
There is other menu.
All listed prices are excluding tax

Assorted Fries (Chicken cartilage and leg)
Herb-fed Beef Steak
Beef Offal Hotpot, Flying Fish Broth OR Spicy Broth
Raw Champon Noodles OR Fried Champon Noodles OR Rice, as a close for the hotpot
Daifuku, Japanese sweets (choose from four flavours of creams)

Six-dish course, JPY3, 000 per person
All prices are excluding tax.

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