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The highlight of the huge autumn event in Fukuoka called 「Asian Party」brings series of movies, work of art and cutting-edge music to everyone!

Fukuoka city is known as the gateway to Asia from Japan, easy access from China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and other Asian countries.  The city is also known as a cosmopolitan city wherein close relationship with the Asian continent has developed since ancient times.  This annual event 「Asian Party」celebrating from September through October is one of those international flavored events representing Fukuoka City.


What is 「Asian Party」?

The picture is the previous year’s opening ceremony of Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival

You will be meeting a series of creative events such as multicultural performance, art, symposium, film festivals and musical performance in Asian Party.   Started more than 20 years ago, as「Asian Month」to strengthen the ties between Asian countries and renamed as 「Asian Party」seven years ago.

Three core events for Asian Party are 「Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 」introducing those outstanding films from Asia, 「Fukuoka Prize」to honor the outstanding work of individuals or organizations in preserving or creating Asian Culture and 「The Creators」offers a chance to enjoy a collection of innovative technologies and visual entertainment.

Also, there will be various events held in the city during the period of Asian Party.

Fukuoka stands as a leader of creative entertainment city where huge numbers of creative and talented people are working in this city.  Fukuoka is the perfect spot to enjoy such an exciting and thrilling event by those creators.

The following are the major event of the autumn Asian Party.


Attention, all cinema fans!! 「Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival Fukuoka 」

Image from previous festival

The Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival was launched in 1991 to introduce excellent Asian motion pictures to the world and discover and foster new cinematic talent  By virtue of being a unique film festival placing a focus on Asian films, its attracts the attention of Asian film fans, the Japanese media and Japanese film distributors throughout Japan

【Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival Fukuoka】

Screening Schedule: 13 September (Fri) 2019 ~ 19 September (Thu) 2019
Venues:  United Cinema Canal City 13 and others
Ticket information: 
Advance Ticket for one film  JPY 1,100
On the day for one film  JPY 1,300
(Discount tickets available for students and disabled person with proper ID card)
Five Films   Advance Ticket for five films  JPY 4,400
On the day for five films  JPY 5,500
Free Pass  Advance Ticket for Free Pass  JPY 11,000
On the day for Free Pass  JPY 13,000

Those films being careened at the event are the best selection by festival directors and staff, traveled throughout Asia to research and select motion pictures 

Enjoy over 30 screenings of the best new Asian movies as well as films that did not receive commercial viewing here in Japan. Visitors will have the opportunity to fully interact with many of the directors, actors and actresses through Q&A sessions, autograph signings, and symposiums. Not only film screenings,there will also be events designed for local creators.

Website for Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival Fukuoka


Enjoy creative stage performance with the latest digital technologies!「The Creators」

Image from previous year’s live performance

Feel and experience the Creative Entertainment city of Fukuoka through this event, collaborated by private companies and organizations promoting cutting-edge technologies.

Admission free!

【The Creators】
Schedule: 21 September (Sat) 2019 ~ 22 September (Sun) 2019
Venues:  Fureai Hiroba next to Fukuoka City Hall.
Admission:  Free

At the pop culture core of the event, The Creators offer a chance to enjoy a collection of performances from Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Asia, accompanied by a sublime mix of state-of-the-art technology and visual entertainment. There are hands-on booths where participants can experience for themselves the joy of creating; and discover soon-to-be famous artists with the celebration of the ‘Fukuoka Creator’s Award’, Asian and Japanese artists will perform on a cutting edge stage designed by Fukuoka’s most avant-garde creative companies.

Website for The Creators


Discover the achievements in academia, research, the arts, and culture of Asia「Fukuoka Prize」

Image from previous year’s award ceremony

【Fukuoka Prize】
Schedule: 10 September (Thu) 2019 ~ 13 September (Fri) 2019
Venues: Fukuoka International Congress Center,ACROS Fukuoka,Fukuoka City Science Museum
Admission: Free (advance registration required)
※ Please check Fukuoka Prize home page for details

This is the award for those who have made tremendous contribution in the area of study, art and culture in Asia given by Fukuoka as Japan’s gateway to Asia since the ancient time. The purpose of the award is Fukuoka’s international contribution to the Asian region. During this event, there will be the award ceremony with all the prize laureates attend, and seminars and Public lectures to introduce activities and achievements of the laureates. Also there will be various events such as a school visit by the laureates to provide the opportunity for the young generation in schools to turn their attentions to the wider world.

Website for Fukuoka Prize


Please check below website for more details on Asian Party

Website for Asian Party

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