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”Thank You Artium” – The Last Exhibition with the Close of IMS Building

Since its opening in 1989, Mitsubishi Estate Artium has held a wide range of exhibitions from fine arts and design, to architecture, literature, cinema, theatre, fashion, and food, as a venue where “new expression of the time” is focused. Especially in modern art, solo exhibitions of mid-career artists and a focus on local creators were one of their leading activities.

The Mitsubishi Estate Artium Last Exhibition is a group showing of seven artists who have had their own exhibition before at Artium and stand out for their continuing success.

YOKANAVI went to the Artium’s last exhibition being held in IMS, the building to close on 31st of August 2021.

Exhibiting Artists:
Shiota Chiharu / Asai Yusuke / Han Ishu / Tsuda Nao / Yamauchi Terue / Kagoshima Makoto / Saihate Tahi 

Exhibition main visual

Saihate Tahi “Zetsumetsu” (Extinction)

The exhibition is titled from a verse of the showcased poem newly written by Saihate Tahi for this special occasion. Mitsubishi Estate Artium has held ten exhibitions annually which provided visitors with innovative experiences and ideas. With this time exhibition the number of hosting events has reached 333.

Kagoshima Makoto “Tori” (Birds)

Kagoshima Makoto “Tori” (Birds)

Kagoshima Makoto, who is from Fukuoka City and one of the exhibiting artists, shared his thoughts on his works and Artium with us. “In the series of my works called ‘Tori’ (Birds), flowers and trees represent the IMS building and Artium, and birds are myself, the staff here, or could be visitors as well symbolizing that they will come back even after flying away.” says Kagoshima.

Asai Yusuke “Following the last breath”

Asai Yusuke has created a space to let the materials and the building itself communicate each other; drawing a gold flower around every screw holes on the wall filled after exhibitions, cutting out a part of the floor, and using whittlings to draw a flower.

Asai Yusuke “Following the last breath”  淺井 裕介《Following the last breath》

You would feel his deep thought on a building to be torn down. This is an art work only available for this occasion.

Asai Yusuke “Following the last breath” at the escalator on the 2nd floor

His work can be found other two spots such as the escalator on the 2nd floor in the building. There will be another coming up during the exhibition period. It will be fun to find those.

Chiharu Shiota “Over the Continents” 塩田千春《大陸を越えて》© Chiharu Shiota and JASPAR, Tokyo, 2021

Nao Tsuda “Eventually, Deer Become Men / Eventually, Men Become Deer”

Mitsubishi Estate Artium that has kept offering opportunities to people to think art and create new ideas by innovative exhibitions more than being just an ordinary gallery, will be closed with this exhibition.

Mitsubishi Estate Artium has been one of the centres to send information of culture in Fukuoka for 32 years. Its name came from ‘art’ and ‘stadium’ as a visitors-friendly venue where people can easily stop by and enjoy art taking the barrier away with the artists. This is the very last show. Visit and engrave the works and the place itself in your memory.

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