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The Banksy’s World Comes to Fukuoka!

“BANKSY EXHIBITION – GENIUS OR VANDAL?” which has toured around the world from Moscow, Madrid, Lisbon, Hong Kong, to Japan including Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya, now comes to Fukuoka.  It has been on tour since 2018 attracting more than one million visitors.

The pseudonymous England-based artist is today’s most influential creator to the world with his controversial messages to the society and politics expressed in his works which are featured in the news every time unexpectedly appeared on the streets. The largest exhibition of artworks anywhere by Banksy highlights original pieces, prints, and 3-D objects, collaborated by several individual collectors.

The first thing you will see is images of Banksy’s past activities unfold on large three-panel screens. Making us imagine how he creates works, it sucks us into his original world.

After the panel screen, more than 70 works are exhibited by themes with free online guide.

《Love is in the Air》

Up on the second floor there are works representing politics and CCTV. “Love in the Air,” one of his early works in which the man is throwing not a firebomb but a bouquet of flowers, is interpreted as a protest for Palestinians’ human rights.

《No Swimming》

“No Swimming” (2006) installed at a lake swimming pool in the Hyde Park, London, can be interpreted as a criticism of human beings and modern society as it was just left for three weeks without being noticed. It shows Banksy’s sharp satire that people lead their lives without questioning what they see.

Banksy unfolds questioning human right and unfair issues on buildings and streets in cities with his distinctive humour. What is the most exciting would be that we can interpret individually what his works tell.

《Girl with Balloon》

The exhibition also welcomes one of his major works “Girl with Balloon” that drew people’s attention in 2018. A framed copy of the artwork was shredded by a device set by the artist himself during Sotheby’s auction. The video showing how to prepare the device shot by the artist is also exhibited, which enables us to see the event from a different perspective.

“LANDIC presents BANKSY GENIUS OR VANDAL?,” the largest collection of artworks by the artist will be a good opportunity to think about various issues and challenges. Who is Banksy? Experience his world up close.


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  • Tenjin/Yakuin Area

Since 2018, from Moscow, Madrid, Lisbon, Hong Kong to Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya,  the exhibition "BANKSY-GENIUS OR VANDAL?" has been exhibited in 5 major cities around the world and Japan. Finally, it will be held at the Live entertainment venue UNITEDLAB in Fukuoka.BANKSY, one of the most popular a…

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