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Introducing the New Attractions of Fukuoka Castle and Korokan Area

With the special exhibition “Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Shoguns” will be held at Fukuoka City Museum, new experience and facilities will be opened at the area of Fukuoka Castle and Korokan Historical Museum area! Please come and have some fun!

◎Drone Filming at Fukuoka Castle【16 July start】

With the spectacular castle and stone wall of Fukuoka Castle as background, here will start a new drone filming service.
Also, they offer a package service with kimono dressing experience. In the future, there will add more interesting services such as horse riding  etc.

  – Reservation: please make a reservation at least 1 week in advance
  – Closed: 29 December~3 January
  – Fee: 1 group 3,300 yen(1 group up to 3 people, for 4 people or above need to be confirmed)
    ※with kimono dressing package(8,800 yen/1 person)※not include makeup and hairdo
  – How to apply: online reservation  (please search the keyword [福岡城址ドローン撮影コンテンツ(Fukuoka Castle Ruins drone filming contents)]
  – Inquires: 092-733-5050 / Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau

Enjoy the amazing Fukuoka Castle from different angle!

A Brand new café ”Kuroda Chaya” will open on 16 July!

A brand new café “Kuroda Chaya” will open at Fukuoka Castle Ruins Visitor Center. You can buy the original goods which is only available here and plum squash made from the plum grown in Fukuoka Castle.

The limited “Kanbei ver” castle seal will be on sale at the Fukuoka Castle Ruins Visitor Center and San-no-Maru Square until 5 September. The sale of limited “Kanbei ver” of castle seal will be continued. Please check the Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau HP for detailed information.

■ Kuroda Chaya
   – Menu: Fukuoka Castle plum squash, Amaou strawberry squash, Amaou strawberry soft ice, Dashi pudding, Fukuoka Castle soft FUWAFUWA egg rice etc.
   – Goods: tote bag, mugs, armor water bottle cover etc.
   – Opening hours: 10am~16pm
   – Closed: every Monday, 29 December ~ 3 January
   – Ccontact: 080-2225-4350

(right)Fukuoka Castle plum squash (left)Amaou strawberry soft ice within 20 Amaou strawberries!

Fukuoka Castle soft FUWAFUWA egg rice

Fukuoka Castle Ruins Visitor Center
  – Closed: 29 December ~ 3 January
  – Address: 1-4, Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Cit
  Contact: 092-732-4801

limited time of “Kanbei ver” castle seal (left) and the regular ver (right). Both are 300 yen each.

◎Limited Time Project of The Special Exhibition “Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Shoguns” at Fukuoka City Museum 【16 July start】

Choose the kimono to match your own style!

During the special exhibition “Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Shoguns” at Fukuoka City Museum, you can experience kimono dressing at “Maiyu no Yakata” and enjoy the desserts at the cafe in The Residential Suite (near the museum).

Enjoy the desserts in kimono!

– Limited Time Project: 16 July ~ 5 September 2021
– How to Reserve: only available on LINE/AccountID:@546woalm
– Cloesd: Monday
– Fee: ①6,600 yen(with cake)
    ②7,700 yen/per person(with whole cake)
– Inquires: Maiyu no Yakata(2-5 Jonai, chuo-ku, Fukuoka City)
– Tel: 092-707-3191

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