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New Show of Canal Aqua Panorama ~"ONE PIECE WATER SPECTACLE 3: Wano Country Arc "

Canal City Hakata is based on the concept of “theater in the city”, with colorful building and new entertainment system “Canal Aqua Panorama” which combined fountains✕music✕light✕visual. This year, a new show “ONE PIECE WATER SPECTACLE 3: Wano Country Arc “, will be played from November 14, 2020! Let’s check it out!There is a 180 meters long canal runing through the center of Canal City Hakata and is the main stage of “Canal Aqua Panorama”. With approximately 2,500 inches of projection mapping on the walls and glass surfaces of the building. The lighting and sound equipment are comparable to concert hall and seven types of fountains fully be utilized. What kind of performance we will see in this new show “ONE PIECE WATER SPECTACLE 3: Wano Country Arc”? So excited and looking forward to it!The story is about Wano Country. The Straw Hat Pirates will have an adventure in this powerful projection mapping show. The main characters dance to the rhythm of popular theme songs from the TV anime which arranged by traditional Japanese instruments.

The show was amazing in live and we could feel the full impact. In addition, we was impressed with the powerful large-scale projection mapping. If you have time please come to see in person.

Also, to coordinate with the Aqua Panorama show of “ONE PIECE WATER SPECTACLE 3: Wano Country Arc”, the related illumination will start from 14 November! New space and works will be created that express the “Japanese WA” element. The new One Piece characters will appear as well, which is sure to be photogenic on social media!

<Tree of Knowledge> the ornaments decorated on the tree shine fantastically.

<River of Lights>the 180m long canal decorated with lights which looks dazzling.

<Angel of Light> The 3.5m wide and 2.8m high angel wings appear. Taking a picture from the Moon Walk at B1 floor  where is the perfect place to wear the angel wings with you.

<Aqua Tree>giant fountain of shiny aqua tree

<Light Gate>from Star Court to Sun Plaza Stage the illumination will light up

The scene of “Luffy fighting in the flurry of cherry blossoms” will be transformed into a giant 3 meter tall air balloon. There will also be a sculptures of the popular character ‘Chopper”.They are surrounded by cherry blossom lights and Japanese umbrellas to express the view of the world.

Everyone would enjoy this entertainment show, if you have time please come to see the powerful “ONE PIECE WATER SPECTACLE 3: Wano Country Arc ” of  Canal Aqua Panorama and beautiful illumination 2020! 

※Request to all visitors
When viewing the Canal Aqua Panorama, you must wear a mask, ensure social distance. Please refrain from visiting Canal City Hakata if you have a fever or are not feeling well. please. Thank you for your kind cooperation.
Disinfectant is also available near the entrance to the B1F Sun Plaza Stage, the main viewing area. 
In Canal City Hakata, all staffs are all required to wear masks, also by providing ventilation, periodically disinfecting and cleaning the building As a countermeasure to prevent the COVID-19.
For more information or any inquiries, please refer to the official website.

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