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"Queen Beetle" Arrives in Hakata Port

The new high-speed passenger ferry “Queen Beetle”, which is scheduled to service between Fukuoka and Busan, has bright red color that expresses as “dreams・romance・passion.” “Queen Beetle” arrived at Hakata Port around 11:00 am on October 15. We went to Hakata Port to welcome the beautiful “Queen Beetle”.The weather was great! Many people came to meet “Queen Beetle” like us.
“Queen Beetle” departed from the shipyard in Australia on October 5 and taking 10 days to Hakata Port. Can’t wait to see her soon.
Still quite far away but we could see a little bit of the red silhouette!
This is the first time in the world that an 80-meter class trimaran fast ferry has been serviced as a medium-high-speed passenger ship.
With the blue sky as background, finally the bright, red brand new “Queen Beetle” had arrived to Hakata port. Time to take lots of photos!!Industrial designer Eiji Mitooka, who designed variety genres such as architecture, rail carriage, ships, is in charge of “Queen Beetle” design. The hot topic of luxury train “Seven Stars in Kyushu” is one of Mr. Mitooka’s work as well.“Queen Beetle” has bright red body representing as “dreamsromancepassion.” The total length is 83.5m. With a capacity for 502 passengers that is 2.6 times more than the current Beetle. The vessel will service between Fukuoka and Busan within 3 hours and 40 minutes. The passengers will be able to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable journey without wearing seatbelts. Due to the COVID-19, the service between Hakata and Busan is suspended and the starting date still undecided. For various checking, staff training and interior finishing work pourpose, the “Queen Beetle” will be anchored at the Hakata Port for a while. If you have time, please come to see the beautiful “Queen Beetle” in person.

Here is the video of the arrival at Hakata Port, please take a look!

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