Fukuoka Sightseeing Model Course

Fukuoka Sightseeing Model Course

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Hakata Popular Tourist Spot Course

[Culture, Tradition, History] [2-3 Hours Course] [All Seasons]

With many shrines and temples that have maintained the traditional culture of Hakata and also Canal City Hakata which sets the latest trend, Hakata is the area full of new and old charms. A walking tour is a great idea to get to know the charms of the town.

Fukuoka Standard Sightseeing Course

[Standard Course] [6-7 Hours Course] [All Seasons]

This sightseeing course includes popular tourist spots you must see in Fukuoka.

Dazaifu Strolling Course (Going to Dazaifu by Train)

[Standard Course] [4-5 Hours Course] [All Seasons]

It is a course that you can enjoy shopping at downtown of Fukuoka “Tenjin” and make your way to Dazaifu on Nishitetsu train.
Approximately it takes 35 minutes from Tenjin station to Dazaifu station on Nishitetsu train.

In Dazaifu, there is a “Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine” which is well known for enshrining the god of academic achievement, As well as “Kyushu National Museum” that was built as Japan’s 4th National Museum.
Also don’t forget to eat Dazaifu’s local specialty “Umegaemochi rice cake”!

There is a good value round trip ticket called “Dazaifu Sansaku Ticket (\1000 for an adult)” from Nishitetsu Fukuoka station (Tenjin) to Dazaifu station, and it also comes with a ticket for a free Umegaimochi rice cake.