Preparation for a trip and if trouble arises while traveling

Coin lockers

JR Hakata Station Coin lockers are located near the exit of Hakata-guchi and Chuo-guchi.
Fukuoka Transportation Bureau (Subway) Hakata Station Near Concourse to Hakata-guchi Exit on the B1F, Ticket-vending machine of, subway and ATM
Fukuoka Transportation Bureau (Subway) Tenjin Station Near Chuo-guchi Exit, Lottery ticket sales counter in Chuo-guchi Exit,
Escalator in Higashi-guchi Exit and Station office in Higashi-guchi Exit
Nishi-nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. Nishitetsu Tenjin Station Near Nishitetsu Travel (Domestic-branch) on the 1F, Nishitetsu Tenjin Station Chuo-guchi Exit on the 1F and Concourse entrance gate of liquidation affairs on the 2F
※As of March, 2008