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Information Guide

There are several tourist information centers available for everyone in Fukuoka. You can ask the nearest tourist spot from your present location, how to get places, etc. These centers offer tourist pamphlets and the latest local information, which is hard to come by. Please stop by anytime you need help.
If you want to get transportation info, please contact each transit information center directly. You can ask all kinds of information you wish to know about bus schedules, fares, bus stop locations, lost articles, etc. International tourist information center at Fukuoka airport also provides information for foreign visitors. Once you arrive in Fukuoka, please make a visit there.
After coming all the way to Fukuoka, you might want to think of visiting other prefectures in Kyushu. In that case, contact the prefectural tourist information offices situated in Fukuoka. You can get the detailed local information while staying in Fukuoka so there is no need to purchase any guide book.
These information centers are for foreigners. "Rainbow Plaza", in particular, offers information on living in Fukuoka, and also introduces home stay families.
There are various types of accommodations such as resort hotels, business hotels, city hotels, Japanese-style inns and youth hostels in Fukuoka city. Please feel free to contact the information centers where you can get help finding the best accommodation both inside and outside the city to meet your requests.
"YokaNavi touch" is a touch panel which allows you to get lots of tourist information. You can check it out on-site or from your mobile phone by reading QR code on the panel screen with your phone. You can also print out the information by asking to the staff.
Volunteer tour guides take you on walking tours around the city. You can learn about the history of Fukuoka which is not written in the guide book.
Bus stop with QR Code
"YokaNavi mobile" is a system which allows you to check out the bus schedule, fare and current location of buses running in the downtown area from your mobile phone. You can do this only by placing your phone over the QR code in the middle of the map posted on each bus stop of Nishitetsu bus. You can also get some information on the vicinity.
Please check out this information board first when you arrive in Fukuoka. The board is located in major transit hubs in Fukuoka such as the airport, Tenjin, Hakata and Hakata port. It gives details of sightseeing spots, provides maps and offers route maps and various contact information. (The board is written in 4 languages and legend inside is in 11 different languages.) At the information corner, you can access information of the season which is updated every month. In addition, on each bulletin board there is a district map of the area; a map of Tenjin on the board in Tenjin and a map of Hakata on the one in Hakata Station, and in Fukuoka airport a tourist map for the whole of Fukuoka.
This guide book includes lots of information on both inner-city and suburb areas of Fukuoka. It is very handy if you have one because it includes not only a complete guide of Fukuoka but also information on areas near Fukuoka city, such as Dazaifu and Kurume. You can get it at designated places.