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Mongolian Invasion Historical Museum

The museum is located in the Higashi Park where the Fukuoka prefectural office building is. Exhibit…

Hakata Area

Moo-moo Land Abura-yama Ranch

You can get to this ranch on the Abura-yama hillside in just 30 minutes by car from the central par…

South Area

Fukuoka City Zoological Garden

Walk past the many fashionable shops on Josui street and you will find the Fukuoka City Zoological …

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

Marine World

This beautiful, chalky, shell-shaped aquarium is home to twenty thousand marine creatures from 450 …

East Area

Wajiro Tidal Flat

Wajiro tidal flat lays out at the east head of Hakata bay. People come here in summer for clamming …

East Area

The Ruins of Akizuki Castle & Akizuki Kuromon Gate

An old lord called Harada Tanekatsu built this castle in 1203 when he refounded his clan under the …

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

Nureginu Zuka (burial mound), Meibonji-itabi (monument board) of Koe …

During the reign of Emperor Shomu (724-749), a daughter of Sano Chikayo, an ancient official of def…

Hakata Area

Hakozaki Shrine

This is one of the three major shrines dedicated to Hachiman god, along with Iwashimizu Hachiman Sh…

East Area

Shirahige Jinja Shrine

This is the shrine of the Shinto deity that watches over Nokonoshima Island, a type of deity called…

West, Itoshima Area

Iimori Shrine

This shrine dedicated to 3 gods as the grand shrine of old 7 municipalities in Sawara-ku. It once c…

West, Itoshima Area

Nishijin Genkoborui Bulwark Ruins

The bulwark ruin of Nishijin & Momochi area was originally the center of 20 kilometers of bulwa…

Momochi , Sawara Area

Imazu Genkoborui Bulwalk Ruins

This Bulwark was built by the Kamakura Shogunate government for preparation against invasions of Mo…

West, Itoshima Area

Imajuku Genkoborui Bulwark Ruins

The bulwark against Mongolian invasion was built with a financial support from the lord of Buzen pr…

West, Itoshima Area

Iki-no-Matsubara Genkoborui Bulwark Ruins

This is the ruins of the bulwark built in 1276 to prepare against Mongolian invasion. It stretches …

West, Itoshima Area

Mushirouchi Nanohana no Michi

In a canola flower field spread across the Mushirouchi district of Koga city, the Nanohana Festival…

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

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