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Yatai list
Asahi Beer Hakata Factory

Here at this factory, after you take a look at the whole process of beer making from brewing to can…

Hakata Area

The museum of Hakata’s food and culture “HAKUHAKU”

The museum of Hakata’s food and culture “HAKUHAKU,” run by “FUKUYA Aji no Mentaiko,” the well-estab…

East Area

Hakata-no-mori Yudokoro Tsukinoyu

This spa is known for the health and beauty effects and especially popular among females. Various f…

Hakata Area

Odo Park

This is a park with an untouched nature adjoining the sea and yacht harbor. A lot of families with …

West, Itoshima Area

Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor

Among other marine sports, the presence of white sails shining bright over the blue ocean is the gr…

West, Itoshima Area

Moo-moo Land Abura-yama Ranch

You can get to this ranch on the Abura-yama hillside in just 30 minutes by car from the central par…

South Area

Fukuoka City Zoological Garden

Walk past the many fashionable shops on Josui street and you will find the Fukuoka City Zoological …

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

Marine World

This beautiful, chalky, shell-shaped aquarium is home to twenty thousand marine creatures from 450 …

East Area

Abura-yama Shimin-no-Mori / Nature Observation Woods

Aburayama Shimin no Mori/Natural Observation Woods is located on the east hillside of Aburayama Mou…

South Area


This amusement park of flowers has been a popular spot for families for 70 years. Flowers of each s…

East Area

Mushirouchi Nanohana no Michi

In a canola flower field spread across the Mushirouchi district of Koga city, the Nanohana Festival…

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

Kirin Beer Park Factory

You can learn about beer making process in details and try tasting beer at this facility. Kirin Bee…

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

Mt. Bishamon Observatory Deck

One of the most scenic spots in the area with a panorama view of Imazu Bay and Hakata Bay.Enjoy the…

West, Itoshima Area

Hachidai Ryuo Shrine

The shrine stands quietly on the edge of a sandbank surrounded by Imazu Bay.It enshrines Hachidai R…

West, Itoshima Area

JR Kyudai-gakkentoshi Station

The JR Kyudai-gakkentoshi Station has opened in 2005. Recent years see the area developing as one o…

Avispa Fukuoka

Avispa gets enthusiastic supports from local fans. The name derives from a Spanish word meaning car…

East Area

Man'yo-no-yu Hakata

This hot spring inn has been added anew to the list of the sightseeing spots in Hakata. Here you ca…

Hakata Area

Hakata Onsen, Fujino-en

This urban style hot spring inn faces the limpid stream of Naka-gawa River, 5 kilometers in the sou…

South Area

Island City Chuo Park

A massive park four times the size of the Yafuoku! Dome, the "Gurin-Gurin" hands on learning facili…

East Area

Hanahata - Aburayama Hiking Course

There are falls, a bird-watching house, camp site, suspension bridge and a ranch in Aburayama mount…

South Area

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