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Yatai list
Teasobi Kobo Wakuwaku Gayagaya

Our workshop teaches how to make flowerpots or garden sculptures using soil clay that does not need…

Karadomari Village

This is the first of its kind in Japan as a glamping facility established by the Neibourhood Associ…

"Ohori Terrace - Yame Tea and Japanese Garden"

“Ohori Terrace – Yame Tea and Japanese Garden”, a new Japanese-modern style facility with the theme…

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

Gashapon Department Store (Capsule Toys Store)

The ‘Gashapon Department Store’ opened inside Canal City Hakata on 8 August, 2020. The store concep…

Nakasu-Kawabata Area


One of Japan's largest indoor experience facilities that combines sports, athletic equipment and en…

West, Itoshima Area


BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA, the newest attraction next to the Fukuoka PayPay Dome, where you can enjoy a va…

Momochi , Sawara Area

Photo Spots

Explore Itoshima to take instagenic photos as many as possible.Many instagram-worthy spots such as …

West, Itoshima Area

ITOSHIMA BEACH CYCLE(bike rental shop)

Getting on a bike is so convenient to get around Itoshima Peninsula.Rent a bike at Itoshima Beach C…

West, Itoshima Area


Even beginners are welcomed to try much-talked-about SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding, a new marine …

West, Itoshima Area

Dekimachi Park

This park was created in 1965. This was the location of the former Hakata Station and there is a mo…

Hakata Area

Fukuoka City Umizuri Park

Fukuoka City Umizuri Park has opened in 1985, where you could enjoy fishing at the T-shaped pier th…

West, Itoshima Area

Shikashima Cycle

Shikashima Cycle is a bicycle rental shop and cafe near the torii gate at the entrance to Shikanosh…

East Area

Shikanoshima Island

Shikanoshima Island is famous around the country for the kin-in or gold seal excavated on the islan…

East Area

Momochi Seaside Park

This is a park with an artificial beach north of Fukuoka Tower. It is close to such landmarks as th…

Momochi , Sawara Area

Grin Grin

This is the central facility of Island City, designed by the worldly known architect Toyo Ito. Its …

East Area

Fukuoka City Disaster Prevention Center

At this facility, you can experience simulated earthquake, fire and flood to learn how to improve y…

Momochi , Sawara Area

Nokonoshima Island

This is a relaxing spot for the people of Fukuoka, accessible in just 10 minutes by ferry from the …

West, Itoshima Area

Tenjin Chuo Park

This is a park of 31,000 square meters with trees and grass, located in the middle of Tenjin. While…

Tenjin/Yakuin Area

Kego Park

This urban park is located in the center of Tenjin, just behind Nishitetsu Fukuoka/Tenjin Station. …

Tenjin/Yakuin Area

Maizuru Park

This park is built around Fukuoka castle ruins and located within just 15 minutes from Tenjin (the …

Ohori/Ropponmatsu Area

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