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Tenjin/Yakuin Area

Shofu-en is a park with a Japanese garden and a tea ceremony room constructed in early 1950s.

The old house named Shofu-so owned by Tanakamaru Zenpachi, the founder of Fukuoka Tamaya, once one of the major department stores in Fukuoka, was located here. The site of the house went under a renewal and reopened in 2009 as Shofu-en park. Shofu-an, the tearoom which was long used by Tanakamaru family is preserved in its original condition.

Located in Josui area, a high-class residential district stretching south from Tenjin, the busy downtown of Fukuoka, this park is popular as a site hosting various events including tea ceremonies and a place to enjoy a garden tour.

The stone stairway approach from the entrance gate makes you feel like you’re visiting a house set deep in the mountains. At the end of the stairs, you will find a beautiful Japanese garden reflecting the image of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji.

The garden is spotted with Japanese maple trees aged over 100 years, garden lanterns and an arbor shelter with the chairs arranged in manji (swastika) shape. Here you can enjoy the seasonal beauty of Japan in this park.

A tea-ceremony-room designer was invited and construction materials were delivered from Kyoto to build Shofu-an. If you open the paper doors, the tea ceremony room opens up to the beautiful Japanese garden.

You can enjoy green tea at Shofu-en while viewing the garden.

In the vicinity is a zoological and botanical garden, fashionable bakery and sweets shop on Josui Street and it is a perfect place to walk around.

Shofu-en is silently immersed in nature. Please use a public transportation when you visit the park.

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