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Man'yo-no-yu Hakata

Hakata Area

This hot spring inn has been added anew to the list of the sightseeing spots in Hakata. Here you can enjoy high-quality hot spring in a luxurious space like a high-class ryokan. Hot spring is carried here by tankers everyday from Yufuin and Takeo, the best hot spring sites in Kyushu. There are large bath tubs, open-air bath, sauna, family bathroom and relaxing rooms. 2 restaurants, skin-scrubbing and other esthetic services are available in the inn. You can also use the internet connection.

33 guest rooms
2 restaurants.

Manyo-no-yu provides natural hot spring directly brought from the famous hot spring areas for the customers to save their trouble of traveling. How great it is that Yufuin and Takeo style hot spring is now available in Hakata at this inn and you no longer have to spend a lot of money to visit those hot spring sites in distance. The entrance fee includes rental charge for robes, towels and bath towels as well as parking charge (5 hours). Unlike other spas, you don’t need to worry about bringing your own bathing kit and you can drop in here casually on your way home from work. This place is so relaxing that drop-in guests usually spend about 5-6 hours once they come here.

[Restaurants; Manyo’an and Ikoidokoro]
Visiting the restaurant Manyo’an, you can really feel like you are on a hot spring tour. They serve a variety of dishes; sashimi (raw fish meat), tempura, steak, teppanyaki (stir-fried meat and vegetables) are all of great quality. You can also have a refreshing dessert tokoroten (jelly style snack) after the bath. Savor the flavor of top quality dishes here at this relaxing space. Ikoidokoro is a more casual eating space for light meals such as noodles, delis and ice creams.

[Sauna, Esthetic treatment, Skin-scrubbing]
There are various facilities for relaxation and esthetic treatment at Manyo-no-yu. They are perfect for those seeking for health and beauty. The herbal steam sauna is attached to both men’s room and women’s room. It is very relaxing and warms your body with the nondrying mist containing herb essence. There are professional massagers and they offer you Chinese-style foot massage and skin-scrubbing. 14 different kinds of aesthetic treatment of the world are available here for both men and women. Feel free to make a reservation for these services.

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