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Momochi , Sawara Area

This Ryokan welcomes you in the homey atmosphere and you can relax and feel truly at home. This is an ideal place to visit when you want to get away from your work and spend a precious time with your significant other. This hot spring inn boasts a natural hot spring welling out since long ago and excellent dishes prepared with local ingredients such as chicken, river salmon, mountain vegetables.

[Hot spring]
There are wooden bath tub and stone bath tub. The hot spring here is mild on your skin. It is a simple hot spring with alkaline pH 9.8. The temperature is 28.1 degrees. It is good for neuralgic, skin-whitening and poor circulation.

[Guest rooms]
The scenic view from the spacious room is special. You can enjoy the healing sound of the mountain stream and the fantastic view of cherry blossoms in spring and snow in winter. There is also a large banquet hall with a capacity of up to 100 people, available from 10 people.

Homebred chicken tastes rich and sweet. It is great either eaten fresh, grilled and fried. Chicken broth soup is also popular. Another specialty here is carp cuisine. It tastes very sweet in sashimi, best with a dip of citrus pepper say sauce or vinegar miso. Fresh mountain vegetables and river salmon are also recommended.

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