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Aburayama Sanso

South Area

【Notice】Regarding to the pre-emergency measures has been lifted in Fukuoka from 2 August to 31 August 2021. Some events and stores, facilities may be cancelled, temporarily closed or shorten business hours. Before visiting, please check the official website or contact directly for further information.
Please Click here for the information of COVID-19 from Fukuoka City

This is a genuine Japanese style ryokan (inn) with a restaurant. Cider and cypress trees add special calm atmosphere to the building interior. All the rooms command a nice view of the garden. You can enjoy meals in a relaxing room while admiring beautiful garden and listening to the sound of water flowing through the ponds. Seasonal decoration of cherry flowers in spring and white snow in winter also adds special atmosphere to your dining time. A large banquette hall on the 2nd floor is available for up to 120 people. The splendid view of Aburayama Mountain from the window will surely make you forget that you are staying in the city. A charter bus is available for a group of over 15 people. Bed rock bath is also available. You can also drop in here just for meals.

The restaurant here serves natural Fugu (pufferfish). Fresh fugus swimming in their tank are the ones delivered directly from Yanagibashi market every morning. While many restaurants serve farmed fugus, they stick with natural ones and also with its original price of 10000 yen. This is one of the few places where you can enjoy raw soft roe.

*10 guest rooms
*Special annex room is available for dining (3000 yen per room).
*Bedrock bath 500 yen per person. Reservation needed.
[Other Services]
*Hakata Geiko and Maiko: 2 hours 22,000 yen per person (including all charges)
*Hostess wearing Kimonos: 2 hours 11,000 yen per person (including all charges)
*Reservation required.

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