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Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

Fukuoka City Neighborhoods

【Notice】Regarding to the state of emergency has declared in Fukuoka from 12th May to 31th May 2021, some events and stores, facilities will be cancelled, temporarily closed or shorten business hours. Before visiting, please check the official website or contact directly for further information.
Please Click here for information of COVID-19 infection from Fukuoka City

The shrine is dedicated to Sugawara Michizane who is known as the god of learning, it is busy all through the year with a lot of visitors praying for success in exams and academic achievement. 6000 plum trees are planted on the site and they start to decorate the shrine beautifully around early February to mid March. It is said there are 200 kinds of plum trees, which were dedicated to the shrine from the temples of all around the nation.

The approach of the temple is always busy with many stalls selling popular local specialties such as Umegae-mochi(sweet rice cake with bean jam) which is associated with the plum trees, Gokaku Chikuwa (fish sausage) with kanji characters meaning success burnt on the surface, Usonomochi(sweet rice cake packed with a small bird of lucky charm) and Onigawara Monaka(sweet bean jam sandwithced in mochi wafers) which was produced after the archaeological discovery of Onigawara (ruin of old roof decoration) at the site of an old defense ministry office.

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