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Hakataza Theater

Nakasu-Kawabata Area

A variety of dramatic theater performances across Japan including Kabuki & musicals are monthly put on the stage at Hakataza, which is one of Kyushu’s greatest theaters exclusively designed for plays. This theater gives you a rich theater experience, with the mixture of Japanese and western style exterior, luxurious audience seats, well-equipped stage with a Hanamichi (flower path) for Kabuki plays, a gorgeous lobby like a hotel and a complete service. Rental service of blankets and opera glasses (some of them are free), as well as the restaurants and cafes are available in the theater. Why not enjoy an exciting stage performance here!

** Stage **
The size of this theater is 20 meters wide and 21 meters long. Hanamichi (Flower path), the narrow extension stage running from the left side of the stage towards the audience seats is where audience can get close to the actors during play. Toya, a small room at the far end of the flower path is where actors make their entrance and exit. Chunori is a wire facility that enables the actors to fly through the air.

** Audience Seats **
The audience seats are divided in three levels and there are approx. 1500 seats in total. All seats are designed to offer a view of stage. A “human walls” is created with the raised seats on both ends of the 1st floor and balcony seats on the 2nd and 3rd floor, and that becomes the space of interaction between actors and audience. Furthermore, an orchestra pit designed for musicals slides out when a part of the audience seats on the 1st floor is removed and when the pit is raised to the same level as the stage, it can be used as a stage extension (Apron stage).

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