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【Hakata Oldtown】“Kawabata-dori Shotengai (shopping arcade)” will be more convenient for foreign tourists!


Kawabata-dori Shotengai (Kami-Kawabata Shopping District Promotion Association/ Kawabata-chuo Shopping District Promotion Association) who has been acted as a commercial hub in Hakata’s old city by deploying various efforts such as undertaking “Seimon-barai Sale”, “Hakata Dontaku Festival” and “Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival”, will start providing foreign tourists with 4 convenient services from February 1 (Thu), 2018.


“Fukuoka City Wi-Fi” is available in the whole area of Kawabata-dori Shotengai!

Free “Fukuoka City Wi-Fi” will be available for everyone and the access to information will go smoothly. 


Multi-language website will provide you with information of the shopping arcade.

The website of Kawabata-dori Shotengai has been prepared.

The information of Kami-kawabata Shotengai and Kawabata-chuo Shotengai will be provided multilingually including Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional / simplified).

Kawabata-dori Shotengai website


Shopping Street Map will be created in 4 languages.

Shopping Street information map has been created in English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional / simplified), as with the website.

The map will be placed at major places and can be utilized for getting information.



Guide signs will be placed in Kawabata-dori Shotengai.

Four guide signs will be placed every 100 meters or so on this 400-meter shopping arcade, and your current location, surrounding facilities, rules in shopping arcade and all are clearly described on it in English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional / simplified).

The element of Japanese style and the motif of Yamagoya hut of Hakata Gion Yamakasa were incorporated into the design of this sign.







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