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“Marine World Uminonakamichi” will reopen after its renovation on Wednesday, April 12!

Now being more comfortable! Being more resortlike! “Marine World Uminonakamichi” will be grand open on Wednesday, April 12!

Renovation work this time to improve the exhibition, spatial management and facility comfort was done and now it was born again as a resort facility where you can experience the feeling of closeness to the ocean.

Please come and enjoy the new “Marine World Uminonakamichi”.

[Show Pool]
Show Pool is set against the background of Hakata Bay and more stages on the side of spectators’ seats were newly made this time so that the seal and dolphin shows have a tremendous impact.

[Genkai-Nada Aquarium]
With “the sea of Kyushu” as theme, dynamic and realistic sensation are created with producing angry waves and air bubbles in the aquarium. About 350 different species, 30,000 individuals of living being in the sea are exhibited. Creatures of the sea and its habitat environment are realistically replicated in the unique form of the aquarium and using lights, sounds and projection.

Other than those, experience-based workshops and various zones in which you can learn and experience natural surroundings and ecology are also coming up.

At the revamped restaurant, you can see the look of dolphins under the water while they are in a show as you enjoy a meal, and can also watch about what’s going on above the water on the two large-size monitors.

Services for Visitors from Overseas
Guide signs in the facility are written in 4 languages; Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese (both simplified and original Chinese character) and audio guide is also available in 4 languages, so that visitors from overseas will be able to have more fun.

Guide to Entrance Fees
Adults: 2300 Yen
High School Students: 2300 Yen
Junior High School Students: 1200 Yen
Elementary School Students: 1000 Yen
Children (4 years old and older, before entering elementary school): 600 Yen
Senior (65 years old and older): 1840 Yen
*Please visit our official website and check the fees for groups and the discounts.

April 12 – November: 9:30 – 17:30
December – February: 10:00 – 17:00
– Golden Week (April 29 – May 7): 9:30 – 21:30
– Summer Vacation (July 15 – August 31): 9:00 – 21:30
– Weekends and holidays in September: 9:30 – 21:30
– Christmas (December 23, 24, 25): 10:00 – 21:00

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