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【Notice】Updated Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Control April 1, 2020

Fukuoka City has updated its response against the spread of COVID-19 effective from March 21, following the cancellation and postponement measure of its own events and temporary closure of public facilities taken until March 20.

●Measure to be Taken

Based on the guideline released by the Japanese government’s Expert Meeting on the Novel Coronavirus Disease Control, Fukuoka City will resume the events and reopen public facilities where the following three conditions, the locations inducing mass infections, could not occur simultaneously, taking full precautionary measures.

1. Closed space with poor ventilation
2. Crowded with many people
3. Conversations and vocalization in close proximity (within arm’s reach of one another)

●Events Organized by Fukuoka City

For events where the conditions 1-3 above are not met simultaneously, they will be held with full precautionary measures such as practicing frequent hand hygiene and coughing etiquette.
For more details, please see the Fukuoka City’s website page the Cancellations of Events Organized by Fukuoka City.

●Public Facilities

Some parts in facilities such as equipment and booths will remain closed. Please check with respective facilities for details.
Full precautionary measures including encouraging individual self-quarantine and placing alcohol based hand sanitizer at the entrance will be taken. If facilities run out of the hand sanitizer, the method is replaced to hand-wash with soap and water.

●Major Facilities to be Opened from March 21 (Closed until March 20)

・Fukuoka Art Museum
・Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
・Fukuoka City Museum
・Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum
・Hakata Machiya Folk Museum
・Fukuoka Castle Ruins/Korokan Ruins Information Center Sannomaru Square
・Fukuoka Castle Ruins Visitor Center
・Fukuoka City Science Museum
・Fukuoka City Public Library (excluding Study Rooms, Movie Hall, etc.)
・Itazuke Settlement Yayoi-kan Museum
・Kanenokuma Burial Urn Museum
・Nokata Settlement Museum
・Hakata Elementary School Stone Fortification Museum
・Fukuoka Castle Moat Ruins Preservation Facility
・Hirao Villa
・Korokan Ruins Museum
・Genyo Cultural Properties Exhibition Room
・Fukuoka City Archaeological Center
・Fukuoka City Disaster Prevention Center

●Major Facilities Remaining Temporarily Closed (scheduled from March 21- April 14)

・Fukuoka City Sports Arena
・Fukuoka City Sports Center for People with Disabilities
・Boat Race Fukuoka (competitions taken place without spectators)

For more details, please see the Fukuoka City’s website page Regarding the Novel Coronavirus.

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